Your Favourite Canadian Tire Storage Solution


If you’re in the business of changing tires, you need a place to store your customers’ rubber rubbish as well as the many new options you need to have on hand. Until recently, your old tire storage options have been limited: either stack the old tires in an ugly pile at the back of your property or pay to have an expensive building constructed to handle the waste. Even your new tires take up a ton of space that can be used to service vehicles and help your customers.

Why Use a Shipping Container to Store Your Tires?

Canadian businesses now have access to a wide range of gently used and new shipping containers perfectly designed to help mechanics make their jobs more efficient. Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose TargetBox shipping containers to be your #1 tire storage solution:

Shipping Containers Keep Tires Organized

You can neatly stack tires inside a shipping container. A 20-foot shipping container has a capacity of 32.8m3 (1,158 cu.ft) to fit in hundreds of new and used tires.

Shipping Containers Reduce Tire Aromas

A University of McGill study showed that the vapours released from tires create a putrid “tire smell.” Some of the compounds in the vapours are potentially toxic and include benzopyrene, a carcinogenic. Keeping these smells out of the noses of customers is crucial.

Shipping Containers Clean up Your Property

Not every neighbour wants to look at a pile of tires every day. Reduce the sight of ugliness on your property while appeasing your neighbours by storing your tires in a neat and tidy shipping container.

Shipping Containers Make Your Business Look Great

TargetBox’s design team can customize your shipping container with your company colours and logo. This will help to transform your sea can into something that not only stores tires, but can be a marketing tool to gain future customers.

Shipping Containers Make Saving Our Planet a Little Easier

Keep up the old-tire recycling! This simple act helps our environment since the next stage of their life could be a whole new world: rubber playground surfaces, fitness tracks, flooring or even gardening mulch.

What’s the Future of Tire Storage Here in Canada?

When the rubber hits the road, choose the tire storage solution that’s mobile, affordable, practical and ready to arrive at your doorstep in 48 hours. Reach out to your Canadian shipping container professionals today.