Reduced costs and increased flexibility

There’s no question that shipping containers offer many benefits to businesses. They’re a turnkey easy, portable storage solution, they keep valuable materials and products secure, and they’re affordable. However, one question your company must answer is whether to rent or buy a shipping container. There are several reasons to consider the latter option.

Lower costs for long-term projects

When you incorporate shipping containers into your business operations, renting might seem like a more convenient option. The upfront costs are lower, and you can change your rental terms if your project runs longer than anticipated. However, over time, monthly payments add up. Consider a construction project that lasts for a year or longer – it’s probably more cost-effective to buy a shipping container instead of renting. With a rental, you’ll have ongoing payments, and you could face penalty fees for the condition of your container. When you buy a shipping container, you incur a fixed one-time fee, and that’s it.

A wide variety of uses

Shipping containers are extremely versatile. On a construction site, you can use them to store equipment, tools, supplies, and raw materials. They also serve as protection for items that are too fragile to leave outdoors. When you no longer need to store items, you can repurpose your shipping container as a mobile office space, workspace, or breakroom. Regardless of how your needs change, your shipping container can be modified to serve every purpose.

Unparalleled durability

TargetBox’s modified shipping containers are made of heavy 8-gauge steel, and they’re designed to survive trans-ocean and cross-country shipping. They’re also weather-proof and can easily withstand all weather conditions. So, through every season and every storm, your container will continue to perform. A shipping container purchase is one that will stand the test of time.

A way to reduce logistics costs

If your company ships a lot of products or materials, buying a shipping container could be a smart move. Ocean shipping with shipping containers tends to be cheaper and more reliably priced than trucking or rail transit. And even if you’re just shipping cross-country, you can still save. Shipping containers reduce the number of individual packages you’ll need to send. Instead, you’ll only have to worry about fuel, administration, and fleet maintenance costs, which can lead to significant long-term savings.

No restrictions on use

As mentioned earlier, renting a shipping container often comes with caveats. You may be expected to return the container in good condition. If you don’t, you could incur penalty fees. Additionally, you can’t modify a rented container as your needs change. However, when you buy a shipping container, you can use it as you please. If it gets dented, that’s okay. If you need to add windows or ventilation, that’s okay, too. There are no use restrictions when you own your container.

When you’re ready to buy your container, it’s important to determine the container size you need, the container condition you’d prefer (e.g. used or brand new), the features you need, and where you’ll store it. If you’re not sure where to start, contact TargetBox today and our expert staff will walk you through the process.