Why Should Canadians Buy a Container Home in 2022?

Why Should Canadians Buy a Container Home in 2022 - TargetBox - Banner

Anyone looking for a simple home in Canada at an affordable price in 2022 is simply out of luck. All the standard homes are taken, the new homes being built are for millionaires only, and in many cases, the price you can afford is half of what the going rates are.

When all hope seems lost, trust the unconventional thinking to come to the rescue. Shipping container homes are all the rage, and converting a sturdy shipping container into a home with practically indestructible construction is now available for Canadians through TargetBox.

Homes Built of Sea Cans Are Affordable

With the average home price in Canada over $700,000, there is simply no hope of home ownership for most Canadians, sparing an economic collapse or huge increase in wages.

Low supply and huge demand has never been this frustrating for so many. Fortunately, a home built from TargetBox shipping containers can be yours at just a fraction of the average Canadian home price, complete with living spaces, kitchen, washrooms, bedroom and whatever else you can imagine – make your dream home happen in 2022.

Shipping Container Homes are Mobile

When was the last time you could move your home to another property without much hassle? Probably never. That’s because standard homes aren’t designed to move with your needs.

TargetBox shipping containers are built to move across oceans, and can be easily and conveniently picked up and moved to another location as your needs for it change. (You might want to disconnect your toilet first.)

You Can Customize your Shipping Container Home in Canada

Home builders aren’t always the best at deciding what you need as a homeowner. Fortunately, by working directly with a designer at TargetBox, you will be able to fully modify your shipping container exactly as you would like, right down to the placement of the outlets and lights.

A Shipping Container House Can be Delivered Fast

Why wait months to get started on a project, when your dream shipping container home design can begin within days? Many modified containers can be delivered within one month, depending on the many types of customizations you require.

TargetBox has its own fleet of vehicles to safely and carefully transport your container right to the place you need, whether you’re just around the corner or across Canada.

Getting a Home Built Had Never Been Easier

The biggest frustrations of home building has to be the stresses, the messes and the guesses. TargetBox alleviates all of these. We take on the stress of homebuilding in our enclosed facility so that you don’t need to live in a construction nightmare every day. We also take on all of the messes, confined far away from your family. We also take the guesswork out of home building. We keep you up to date and share information with you when it’s needed.

Buy Your Shipping Container Home Today!

Reach out to the sea container home building team at TargetBox and ask about what it takes to make your dream come to fruition. We have been retrofitting containers for years, and have the knowledge and skills to do it, and to do it right. Contact us today for a free quote!