Why Should Canadians Build Container Offices in 2022?

Why Should Canadians Build Container Offices in 2022 - TargetBox - Banner

More people than ever are calling their home their office. Whether you’re setting up a laptop in your living room, taking over a kids’ playroom or being shuffled to the furnace room, home offices in their many different forms are here to stay.

The problem is, most homes aren’t designed with ‘business’ in mind. Business people need flexible office-work space, and fast. Except there’s this awful thing called a pandemic that’s stopping many homeowners from quickly and affordably expanding their home spaces and doing it safely.

Fortunately, there are shipping containers to come to our rescue – yes, even in a pandemic. They can be delivered in just a few days, and can provide you with many of the benefits you want and need for your remote office.

So, why should you, as a Canadian now working from home, consider buying a shipping container office from TargetBox?

Social Distancing is important

We’re in a pandemic and staying apart from others is a sure-fire way to reduce the chances of you getting infected with a deadly virus. Having a shipping container office separate from your home also provides another degree of protection from those you love and visitors into your home.

Businesses are more lax than ever about working from home

Safety comes first in practically every business. When it comes to operating remotely and providing a similar level of service, businesses enthusiastically recommend employees work in their own spaces. Owners will also get the added benefit of reducing their office spaces, saving considerable sums.

Many configurations to suit your needs

Our mobile container offices come in three sizes: 10×8 feet, 20×8 feet and 40×8 feet. For a comfortable office space on your property, TargetBox recommends one of the two larger sizes, which can give you storage, office and lounge space all with one container purchase.

You are likely thinking, “Well, this is all well and good, but how do I actually build a sea can office?” Great question – we can help. Our container offices and pre-designed portable studios involve TargetBox and its team of highly skilled fabricators who specialize in modifying shipping containers before they even get to your property. In just a few weeks, we can take your container and include everything you need: insulation, doors, windows, electricity, flooring and much more. All you need to do is supply the desk!

Suitable on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties

Depending on your local zoning by-laws, TargetBox shipping containers can legally be used on a wide range of property types. So, you can have one in your backyard, in your driveway, on your business’s property (perhaps to give employees a little extra space) and of course industrial properties. The flexibility of a shipping container means that fast delivery can happen to practically any site you can imagine.

What else should you know?

Reach out to us right now and our project team will provide you with a quote to make your dream home office come to life sooner than you think.