Container offices are the ideal, readymade solution for any construction project

A jobsite office is essentially the brain of any jobsite. Site managers gather here to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of the project. The office is also their meeting space and the best place to store critical documentation. Considering all that happens in a jobsite office, it’s important that it’s comfortable, durable and secure. Container offices check all of these boxes and much more.

Container offices are an affordable option

When setting up an office for a construction site, there are a few options. You can rent an office space in a nearby commercial building, which will require you to travel back and forth to the site. You also have the option of building an office from scratch, which could require a lot of time, money, and materials – all things that are limited when dealing with a construction project budget. The third, and savviest, option is a container office.

A container office is a readymade solution that doesn’t need to be built. It’s modified off-site and delivered in its final form. Thus, it eliminates the need to spend a huge chunk of your budget on a temporary structure, commercial office space, or daily commuting.

Container offices are turnkey easy

A container office is just as comfortable and easy to use as a more traditional office. TargetBox’s mobile office units come fully equipped with everything you need to run your site, including a steel-framed commercial man door, windows, anti-slip flooring, electric baseboard heaters, and A/C units. And, they can be further modified to meet your specific needs. With this complete solution, you won’t have to worry about pulling together an office – you can get right to work and keep your project on schedule.

Container offices are sustainable

These offices are crafted from shipping containers instead of more traditional building materials like wood. This means construction of your office generates less waste and produces lower carbon emissions. Additionally, if your office is only temporary, the shipping container can be modified and reused, creating a closed loop. And, in some cases, features like windows, man doors, and vents can lead you to use more natural air and light, which reduces your office’s energy consumption.

Container offices are durable

Steel shipping containers are designed to handle the elements and treacherous travel through global waters. They’re perfectly suited to withstand inclement weather and any other obstructions that might pop up on a job site. Rest assured, your container office will last as long as you need it to.

Container offices are adaptable

Unlike a permanent office or a rented space, you can keep changing your container office as your needs change. If you want to place it on the other side of your site, it can be moved. If you find that you need other features, it can be modified. If your project goes over schedule, your office can be a permanent fixture. With a container office, you have few limitations.

A shipping container office is a convenient, accessible, customizable solution that makes it easy to manage a complex construction site. Contact TargetBox today to explore the best options for your project.