Why Buy a 40-foot Shipping Container from TargetBox in British Columbia?

Wherever you are located in British Columbia, you’re most certainly on the lookout for durable, versatile and cost-effective spaces to meet their needs and plan for the future. 

TargetBox’s popular 40-foot shipping container fits the bill for many in British Columbia, whether you’re in Abbotsford, Richmond, or anywhere else. Here’s why investing in a 40-foot shipping container from TargetBox is a smart choice.

Benefit #1 – The Massive Space Inside a 40-Foot Shipping Container

A 40-foot shipping container provides a ton of space, with approximately 2,350 cubic feet inside. 

You could use a container for large-scale storage, a mobile office or even as a summer car storage space. These units have generous square footage to ensure you have enough room to accommodate every need without crowding.

Benefit #2 – The Low Cost of a 40-Foot Shipping Container 

If you were to build an 8×40’ outbuilding on your property by hiring an architect, contractor, and everything else needed, you would spend well over $50,000 CDN.

The one-time investment in a structurally sound 40-foot space by TargetBox will save you significant amounts in the long run, especially considering the durability and long lifespan of our containers. This financial prudence makes Targetbox 40-footers a great choice for those looking to spend their money wisely.

Benefit #3 – The Versatility of a 40-foot Shipping Container

TargetBox shipping containers are for more than ‘just’ storage space. We can help you convert your large space into a mobile office, retail store, living space, games room or workshop. These conversions can include insulation and modern amenities, and can be done by TargetBox’s modification team in just a few weeks – lightning fast when you consider the alternative. 

Benefit #4 – The Mobility of a 40-foot Shipping Container

The mobility of these containers adds to their appeal to British Columbia business owners and residents. They can be transported easily, allowing you to move your storage or workspace as needed. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that operate in multiple locations or require temporary setups, providing the convenience of having a flexible and relocatable solution.

Consider TargetBox’s Many Options for 40-Foot Containers

We sell more than just one standard 40-foot shipping container. TargetBox here in British Columbia has several options to meet your specific needs, often with availability to be delivered to you in just a few days.

40ft Construction Grade Shipping Containers

40ft Used Shipping Containers

40ft New Standard Shipping Container

40ft Used High Cube Shipping Containers

40ft Construction Grade High Cube Shipping Containers

40ft New High Cube Shipping Containers With Double Doors

40ft New Shipping Container With Open Side

40ft Used High Cube Refrigerated Container (Operating)

40ft Used High Cube Insulated Container (Non-Operating Refrigeration)

How to Buy a 40-Foot Shipping Container in British Columbia

Not only does TargetBox offer a fast and convenient shipping container option for British Columbia, but as you can see above we have many other benefits with many other container options. 

Reach out to our local sales team at 604-991-4015 or infobc@targetbox.ca to talk more about your needs and how a 40-footer gives you everything you’ve been looking for. We look forward to helping you soon!