Where to Buy Shipping Containers at Low Prices in British Columbia

40ft Shipping Containers Where to Buy Shipping Containers at Low Prices in British Columbia

Inexpensive shipping containers in British Columbia have been as elusive as our mighty sasquatch.

Fortunately, TargetBox is conveniently located between Vancouver and Hope, British Columbia, to deliver high-quality affordable sea cans to millions of homeowners and business owners in the Lower Mainland.

How Does TargetBox Keep its Prices Lower Than the Alternatives?

TargetBox understands the need for affordable storage solutions, and our range of cheap shipping containers caters precisely to this demand. Instead of investing in a new home, committing to monthly storage fees, or engaging in extensive renovations to create additional space, residents and business owners in British Columbia can turn to TargetBox for a low-cost, yet highly efficient, alternative.

TargetBox Sources Directly From the Terminal

By buying in bulk from the port, and cutting through supply chain inefficiencies, we can provide the lowest prices on used and new (one-trip) containers.

TargetBox Delivers the Exact Size You Need

Whether you need a 10-foot container, a 20-foot container or a more spacious 40-foot unit, TargetBox provides the solution that fits any budget. This ensures that there is no wasted space and every square foot has a purpose.

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Building a Structure Takes More Money Than Ever Before

Have you reached out to a contractor? Building a new structure or renovating a space can break the bank. Besides preparing a foundation of your choosing (which can be as simple as concrete blocks or gravel), there are no other essential costs.

When building permanent structures, you have to deal with many other costs, including materials, contractors, architects, heavy equipment, and the replaceable time it takes to build such a structure.

Family-Owned With Minimal Overhead

When you call TargetBox in British Columbia, you are speaking with an owner who is just as passionate about your project as you are. Being able to keep TargetBox operational costs lower helps to deliver savings to customers every day.

4 reasons why renting a shipping container could be a better option than buying one

Inexpensive and Hassle-Free Delivery

TargetBox provides flexible delivery options across the Lower Mainland, whether you’re in Vancouver, Hope, Chilliwack, Kelowna, Merritt or anywhere in between. You don’t need to put undue pressure on your vehicles or arrange this service – our team has you covered.

Lock in Your Lower Prices Right Now

TargetBox has the most competitively priced sea containers in British Columbia, whether you are buying one for your backyard or buying a fleet for a new self-storage facility.

Our “cheap” shipping containers are the best choice for Lower Mainland British Columbia. Reach out to your local experts to learn more about what we do to make your experience inexpensive and exceptional every time. Call us today at 604-991-4015 or email infobc@targetbox.ca.