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What’s So Great About Shipping Container Offices?

In today’s ever-complex, ever-changing world, business owners must be vigilant about making wise decisions for their present and future needs – constantly focused on adaptability, innovation and cutting costs.

Building new offices, expanding brick-and-mortars locations and towing in luxurious office pads aren’t an option for many of today’s most successful businesses. Fortunately, TargetBox is here to help with a mobile office that meets the needs of today’s businesses.

Nothing Beats a TargetBox Mobile Container Office

If you’re a business professional who seeks highly versatile office spaces for you and your staff, then there’s no better solution than a mobile container office.

Built from reclaimed shipping containers, these environmentally friendly solutions can be modified with a practically endless array of upgrades completely modified from shipping containers.

A 20-foot TargetBox mobile office comes standard with a steel-framed commercial door, two windows, and everything you need inside: spray-foam-insulated walls finished with durable wood paneling, anti-slip flooring, electrical outlets and lights; heater and unit. Your corporate logo can even be applied! All you need to bring your business.

Fast Setup
It takes minutes for TargetBox to set up your new ground-level office space – no stairs required.

Air conditioners, baseboard heaters, beautiful wooden panels and luminous lighting come standard with every mobile office.

If you’re working on an ever-changing jobsite and need mobility with your office, it’s easy for TargetBox to lift and move your office to a new location.

A ground-level door allows inclusive access to the mobile office.

Compare our mobile container office quote with any other option, and you will find that not only will we provide a superior product, but at a much more affordable price. A new home office? An office expansion? A temporary work hub? We can beat our competitors quotes.

Anything can be made to fit your needs – all you need to do is ask! Our team can install LED lights, more outlets, custom flooring, exterior lights, floodlights and more – anything you need to run your business the way it needs to be run. If you can dream it, we can do it. Simply use the comment box in our online form to specify your request or call us.

Few intruders can cut through our steel walls, barred windows or steel doors.

When something is built to withstand the rigors of spending weeks in an open ocean with dozens of containers stacked on top of it, it can also withstand your jobsite. Even in hurricanes, shipping containers prevail.

Shipping Container Office - TargetBox

Nothing Can Beat TargetBox Mobile Container Offices

Is your business adapting to new techniques? Are you innovating? Is your business firmly set on profitability? TargetBox’s mobile sea can solution is exactly what you need.

There are a few other portable office solutions out there, but none can say that they have the ground access, durability and security of an office space that can withstand transportation around the world on an oceangoing vessel.

Please check out the rest of our website to learn more about the benefits of TargetBox, then use our quote form on our home page to place your mobile storage unit request. We are here to help!