Whatever the Event, Trust in Your Mobile Retail Space 

Pop-up mini shop pink flowers by TargetBox Containers

When you’re where your customers are, you need to bring the conveniences of your entire retail store with you: merchandise, POS displays, marketing materials, utilities and even your office.

TargetBox is at the forefront of transforming traditional retail concepts, and mobilizing them across Canada. We’re taking everything you need in a retail store and allowing you to move it wherever you need it.

Bring the Best of Brick-And-Mortar Stores With You

From pop-up shops at festivals to temporary installations at corporate events, TargetBox retail stores have become an indispensable asset for businesses who need to get to where their target audiences are. Waiting for them to come to you just doesn’t work anymore. 

Here are some highlights that a TargetBox mobile retail space can add to your next event:

Merchandise Display Space

Event pods up to 40 feet in length can allow you to showcase your large collection of goods for purchase at your event. Modifications to your space can allow for multiple windows and doors to ensure that passers-by don’t miss a thing.

Office Space

Even when you’re ‘on the road,’ you need space to manage documents, store valuables, and do the admin

Storage Space

When your product isn’t on the floor ready to be sold, it should be close at hand. That’s why TargetBox can include a customized storage space that fits your boxes of goods within arms’ reach.

Modern Electric Conveniences

Just plug in your mobile retail store to make everything come to life, from outdoor lighting to interior HVAC units to cell phone chargers. Whatever you rely on in your bricks-and-mortar store, we can do it in your mobile event centre.


Why not? Don’t let the urge to use a restroom deny you valuable sales. A small room with a toilet, sink and even a vent can be the wisest way to keep you healthy, happy and profitable.

Transforming Shipping Containers into Retail Emporiums

So, how does TargetBox do it? We’re glad you asked. At the heart of this mobile retail revolution is a shipping container. 

Our modification team takes this strong steel unit and transforms it into your dream retail paradise, whether it’s a sleek boutique or a cozy café. Use your imagination – who knows what event-focused mobile centre a shipping container can become! 

Not only are our mobile retail spaces taking Canada by storm, but this is also the eco-friendly way to support the retail and events industries. Recycling shipping containers, and giving them second lives can truly open up your life to a world of possibilities. 

Join the Canadian Shift to Mobility

Whether you need an office on the road, retail display space at a festival or a mix of both, leave a lasting impression with a mobile presence unlike any other. Reach out to the TargetBox sales team for a customization quote on the future of retail today.