What Do You Get in a Shipping Container Office?

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TargetBox portable offices have so much more than just a strong metal exterior. It’s time to dive deep and explore why our container offices are the go-to choice for businesses that need flexible, affordable space that gets the job done right every time.

Your gently used standard container package comes complete with everything your highly efficient mobile office needs. Whether you choose a 10’ x 8’ x 8’6” office, 20’ x 8’ x 8’6” office or even our largest office at 40’ x 8’ x 8’6”, you have the ability to accomplish all of your business goals with the functional

Exterior Finishes Included With Your Portable Office

From the outside, your shipping container will look quite a bit different when it’s finished being outfitted with your business needs. You have easy access with an entry door, and at least one 36″ high x 48″ window, depending on your container size. You will also have a choice of exterior paint to give your office style and even longer-lasting durability.

Interior Wall Finishing With a TargetBox Container Office

Our modification team will frame your office’s interior with 2x4s and use 2” spray-foam urethane insulation on walls as well as ceilings to ensure the best seal from Canadian elements. We then finish the walls with either smart panelling or vinyl-coated drywall, painted to suit your style. MDF trim finishes off the interior look. For larger containers, especially our 40’ sea cans, we can include one or even two interior walls to separate multiple office spaces.

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Container Office Flooring

Our basic container office comes with painted plywood on 2×4 framing, and one upgrade option includes vinyl composite tiles for situations that may require more flooring support.

Portable Container Office Electricity to Power Your Business

Your office can be plugged into an electricity source using a 30-amp exterior twist plug and power cord. Inside the office, a nondescript electrical panel that connects to the LED lighting and series of outlets wherever you need them.

Controlling Temperature in the Your ‘Sea Can’ Office

Each container office comes ready with in-wall heating and a thru-wall air conditioning unit. A conveniently located thermostat keeps your office at the optimate temperature at all times.

Learn More About Your Canadian Mobile Office Features Now

Before we deliver your unit anywhere in Canada, it will receive a complete Electrical Safety Authority inspection, ensuring that your purchase meets high standards – keeping you safe, healthy and happy.

Whether you choose our basic container office or upgrade to our premium or custom container options, you have an entire world of possibilities for the next stage of your business’s life. TargetBox is a Canadian leader in providing excellent container offices for the demanding businesses needed to succeed in our country’s complex working conditions, whether it is at a jobsite, at a home or beside a barn.

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