What Do You Get in a Canadian-Made Container Home?

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TargetBox’s mini homes are made of shipping containers and have the strength needed for your portable home, while also giving you the flexibility, affordability and space you need to meet the needs of your unique lifestyle.

Your custom container home comes complete with everything you need. Whether you choose a 20’ x 8’ x 8’6” home, 40’ x 8’ x 8’6” home or a combination of multiple shipping containers, you have the ability to create a new lifestyle that doesn’t involve massive mortgage payments.

Few people want to sleep in a shipping container before modifications, but when TargetBox is done with your personally selected container, you will hardly believe that this used to ship goods across the Pacific Ocean! Here are some of the many modifications we do for customers just like you..

Exterior Finishes For Your Container Home

TargetBox can install a wide variety of windows and doors, depending on your container size and layout plans. We have French doors and a few window sizes in stock, but don’t let that limit your imagination. Let the light stream in and illuminate your tiny home.

We will finish the exterior with a marine-grade exterior paint to give your home some basic style and extra-longer-lasting durability. For those who wish to have a complete transformation, we can explore other more traditional home exteriors – strong vinyl and stained wood are popular options.

Interior Wall Finishing to Make Your Home Comfortable

Our standard interior finishes include walls built of 2x4s and 2” spray-foam urethane insulation on walls as well as ceilings to ensure the best seal from Canada’s fluctuating weather conditions and temperatures. We then finish the walls with either smart panelling or vinyl-coated drywall, painted to suit your style. MDF trim finishes off the interior look. For any tiny container home, we can include interior walls and doorways to separate rooms: living room, washroom, bedroom, kitchen, storage room etc.

Tiny Home Flooring of Your Choice

Our basic container retrofits have either painted plywood or vinyl composite tiles, but when we’re creating custom tiny homes, anything is possible. Wood panelling? Carpet? Let us know what you’re thinking, and we’ll use our container conversion expertise to help in every way.

Portable Container Home Electricity to Power Your Lifestyle

Your tiny home can be plugged into a permanent electricity source using a 30-amp exterior twist plug and power cord. If you’re roughing it – nowhere near an electrical grid – you can connect your home to solar panels and other innovative generation equipment. Ask us how! Inside your home, you will have a small electrical panel that connects electricity to your entire home: LED lighting, outlets and more.

Comfortable Temperature Control for Your Home

Your tiny home can be outfitted with in-wall heating and a thru-wall air conditioning unit. A conveniently located thermostat keeps your cozy home at the optimate temperature at all times.

Special Customizations to Transform a Container into Your Home

Don’t let TargetBox limit your imagination. We can include custom storage solutions in every room, with plumbing to wherever it’s needed. For the outside of your home, we can create decks for summertime relaxation and storage for other necessities that may not fit in your home, like bikes, construction equipment and seasonal storage.

Every Tiny Home Feature is Customized for You.

With every tiny home container manufactured for your specific needs, the features of your new home are as varied as your imagination is creative. Reach out to us to give us an idea of what you had in mind, then we’ll work with you to provide an accurate quote.

There has never been a better time to consider a tiny home and TargetBox is here to help!