Weatherproof and Rodent-Free Storage with Sealed Shipping Containers

TargetBox - Article - Weatherproof and rodent-free storage with shipping containers

The local shipping container pros here at TargetBox answer questions from customers about how a shipping container can keep the great outdoors where it belongs.

Anyone who owns a building will tell you that one of the biggest challenges of ownership is ensuring that elements of nature stay outside.

Residents and business owners spend thousands of dollars and countless hours maintaining roofs, foundations, drainage and grading systems, just to keep water out from buildings. Rodents and insects also make the task of keeping indoor spaces clean and comfortable more challenging with every year that passes. Your shipping container will need your attention to remain free from nature’s infestation.

Here are a few of our readers’ most popular questions about weatherproofing and pest control regarding shipping containers.

Are TargetBox containers watertight?

If your property has a flood, trust that your new or used TargetBox shipping container will keep your contents dry due to its durable rubber door seals. Be sure to ask us about our CSC or ISO certification which will give further assurance that your container is 100% watertight.

Our ‘construction-grade’ containers and modified containers may not have fully tight doors, but will withstand many other elements, such as extreme wind.

Be aware that some watertight containers may still have condensation form on the inside if they are subject to significant external moisture or temperature fluctuations.

Which TargetBox shipping containers are weatherproof?

All of our storage and moving containers are made of steel and are designed to withstand all weather conditions, and in many cases withstand violent storms. Your valuables will be protected from the elements.

I have pest problems on my property. Will ants or termites find their way into my TargetBox shipping container?

We encourage all property owners to address their pest problems, whether they have a shipping container or not. Pests such as ants and termites can do massive and costly damage to homes, outbuildings and other property structures. TargetBox shipping containers can withstand many elements, but be sure to do regular maintenance as required.

I want to buy a used shipping container – will there be holes in it?

No. Each container sold by TargetBox is inspected to ensure that it is hole free. You may not receive this guarantee elsewhere.

How long will my container last before holes appear?

The average lifespan of a shipping container is +/– 20 years. After that point, you may see more rust developing, which leads to the possibility of holes forming. Although a hole could be as small as a pin to start, we recommend that holes are fixed – or the potential for holes proactively addressed – as soon as possible.

What do I do when I see a hole in my shipping container?

When you purchase a container from TargetBox, you are guaranteed to not have to worry about holes in the sturdy 14-gauge Corten steel. But like all things in life, this won’t last forever. Some day, you may need to address rust and holes which form in the steel or you could find yourself with an insect or rodent infestation.

Fixing a hole does not have to be complicated. TargetBox can provide you with instructions or assist you in patching the problem before mice/termites/ants/elephants make a bigger mess.

More Answers to Your Frequently Asked Container Questions

Targetbox’s team of shipping containers experts are here to help keep your valuables safe, clean and dry for decades to come. If you have questions about weatherproofing and rodent-proofing your shipping container, contact us in Ontario at 519-266-4015 or or in British Columbia at 604-991-4015 or