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Using a Shipping Container for Advertising and Brand Awareness

Whether your business is searching for temporary or permanent storage, shipping containers are an ideal solution for several reasons. They’re affordable, with costs far lower than those of rented storage units. They’re more efficient – everything in your unit is stored on the premises which eliminates the need to travel back and forth between the company building and a storage complex. They’re flexible, with a variety of contract and size options that can shift with your ever-changing needs. And, they keep your items secure from thieves and the elements. But perhaps shipping containers are most desirable for business because they’re multi-purpose.

Shipping containers can double as makeshift offices, event spaces, and job sites for construction projects, among many other options. However, many businesses are discovering their effectiveness as billboard advertisements.

By using a shipping container as a billboard, your business can work large format advertising into its marketing strategy without facing the limitations of billboards. You can reach a wide audience in a way that’s hard to avoid. Unlike a TV commercial or a podcast advertisement, your shipping container billboard can’t be turned off. It’s a cost-effective marketing move that can make a lasting impression and deliver results.

Shipping containers can be placed in busy locations to function as billboards

Traditional billboards are highly regulated. Quite often, they’re restricted to highways, zoned commercial areas, or industrial locations, which are seen by passersby but not customers who would actually shop your business. To drive traffic to your company, you need to advertise in busy urban locations where you can maximize your exposure, which is exactly what shipping containers allow.

Not to mention, the exposure you get is quite massive. A 20-foot shipping container can give you a 20 x 8 ad, which is very large. A 40-foot container can get you an even bigger ad, and the possibilities are endless once you start stacking containers for added size. In short, shipping containers bring oversized commercial advertising to the places where you need it most.

You can customize a shipping container by adding logos and slogans - TargetBox Canada

Brand your shipping container by adding company colors, logos, and slogans.

You can customize a shipping container by painting it with your brand or company colors

Increasing brand awareness isn’t just about advertising; it’s also about the distinctive elements that make up your brand identity. Your shipping container is a great place to display bright, bold colors that communicate the fun and easily recognizable aspects of your business. A painted shipping container can serve as a one-time element for a special event or promotion, or it can be part of a long-term marketing plan.

TargetBox provides customized painted units, decorated with the color(s) of your choice. We use a durable oil base paint that not only stands out in a crowd but also protects your container from harsh weather, which extends its lifespan.

You can customize a shipping container by adding logos and slogans

Also, instead of using your shipping container to display a billboard-sized ad in a specific location, you can ensure your container advertises your business at all times, regardless of where it sits. TargetBox offers full design rendering, printing, and installation services for container decals. With your logo displayed across the container, you’ll achieve brand recognition whether it’s in transit or sitting on your commercial property.

We offer several decal options in full vinyl, dye cuts and digital print, and every decal comes with UV protection and 3M laminated plastic for weatherproof, long-lasting results.

Your shipping container can do so much more for your business than protect your valuables; it can propel you into the next frontier of marketing.