Ontario Residents and Businesses Get More Space With Modern Essentials

Shipping Container Custom Modification - TargetBox

TargetBox’s shipping containers have been sold across Canada to provide fast, high-quality, inexpensive spaces to residents and businesses for over a decade.

Here in Ontario, many of our customers update their containers with essentials that transform basic rectangular boxes into more practical spaces, whether they’re dreaming of a workshop, office, storage room, greenhouse or living space.

Make Access Easier With an Entry Door

Although standard cargo doors come with every shipping container we offer, many customers want to make access even faster. (Opening a standard entry door is a little easier than cargo doors.) We can add this to either side of the shipping container, in a placement that suits your plans.

This door upgrade will also make the container feel less like an industrial addition to your yard and more like a space you can rest at ease living or working in.

Shipping Container with Man Door - TargetBox Ontario

Widen Your Entry With a Roll-up Door

If you need a wider way to gain entry into your shipping container without using the cargo doors, a roll-up door is one way to do it. You can then more easily move large items, or drive in vehicles with relative ease.

Roll-up doors also give your shipping container significant airflow on those hot summer Ontario days.

Add Some Light and Airflow With a Window

Rooms without windows always seem a little, well, blah. By adding a window or two or three, you get extra sunlight and ventilation. TargetBox has a selection of windows for you to choose from depending on your sunlight and privacy needs.

Keep Your Container Comfortable With Insulation

Ontario’s summers and winters can be unbearable in their own extreme ways; the heat and humidity of summer and the unbearable chilliness of winter.

Spray foam insulation is needed to create a comfortable and energy-efficient container space, especially if you plan to use it in these extreme seasons.

Power Up Your Container Space With Electricity

To make the container truly functional, add outlets, lights and heating/cooling. This essential upgrade will allow you to work after hours, keep your space comfortable, power equipment and charge your cell phone.

Finish It Up With a Touch of Paint

Make your container look a little more like it fits into its surroundings with one of our wide varieties of paint colours. It’ll look nicer and its resistant qualities will help to protect the CORTEN steel from weather extremes.

Businesses will enjoy having a shipping container that matches their brand, which depending on your container’s uses, can help to attract customers.

Painted Shipping Container - TargetBox Sea Cans

Secure Your Dream Shipping Container and Modification Requests

Transforming your shipping container into a functional space here in Ontario requires consideration, but TargetBox is here to help with planning for the upgrades as well as getting them done on time and at the price quoted.

If you’re ready to add modern essentials to your new space, trust Ontario’s container modification experts, Targetbox.