Top 10 Tools of the Trade Every Contractor Needs

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Hey Canadian contractor, it’s time you thought of the next big gift-giving celebration and the 10 things that you need to make your job faster, easier and better than ever before.
Whether you’re in BC or Ontario, building a house or a condominium, on the road or at a permanent site, you will need them all… especially the first one!

Shipping Container Rental for Extra Storage

A shipping container from Canadian supplier TargetBox is an excellent idea for every contractor’s toolkit. A simple short-term sea can provides secure storage for valuable tools and materials, protecting them from the elements.

By renting a container for only a little more than $100 a month, you’re not making a huge investment into the asset, while also being able to charge your customer for the entire amount – something that may be difficult to do for other short-term construction projects.

High-Quality, Big-Brand Hand Tools

Canadian contractors need reliable sets of hand tools, including hammers, screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches. These tools are essential for many tasks, from standard repairs to complex or intricate woodworking. Don’t wimp out and get the cheap ones though – contractors need and deserve only the best.

Contractor or Labourer Power Tools

Whether you’re still doing hands-on work or leaving it up to the younger crew, you’ll need power tools. A cordless drill, a circular saw and a jigsaw are just some of the power tools that can boost your team’s productivity, reduce downtime and make everyone on the site a little happier.

Two colleagues at a factory with safety equipment

Essential Safety Gear

Every job site needs the right safety gear for the task at hand. Whether you’re looking at hard hats, gloves, safety glasses or steel-toed boots, you need to invest in the equipment that will be there to protect you from the hazards of the job site. Safety is job #1!

Measuring Tools and Equipment

Getting accurate measurements is just as important as the tools and people that put it all together. An easy-to-use tape measure, laser level and a framing square are essential.
Remember that many construction jobs have specialized tools, and even measuring is no exception. For example, drywall crews need T-squares, while bricklayers need laser levels.Construction plans with helmet and drawing tools on blueprints

Secure Tool Storage

Keeping your tools organized is important, but keeping them safe from thieves is becoming an increasingly difficult task. Invest in a strong and safe tool chest or toolbox to keep your stuff secure and easily accessible.

Comfortable Work Clothes

Comfortable and temperature-controllable workwear is a must for any contractor and his/her crew. Look for clothing, like pants, gloves and shirts that provide protection against the Canadian elements – heat in summer and cold in winter.

Construction Software

If you’re often in the office dealing with design and PM, you’ll need to make your processes more efficient with the right software. From scheduling to budgeting to design, you’ll become a much more efficient operation with software there to help you at every step along the way.

A Construction-Site-Ready Vehicle

Your Chevette may not make it too far into the places where you need to go. A reliable vehicle that can get you places and carry your essentials is needed to avoid the headaches that are bound to arrive if you choose anything else.



Your crew is not making progress when their tools can’t operate. Invest in a portable generator to keep your tools and equipment stay powered, regardless of the availability of electrical outlets. Don’t rely on someone else to keep your job site powered!

Start with a Shipping Container Rental from TargetBox

Equipping yourself with the right tools is crucial. Just don’t overlook the importance of a shipping container rental, which is the #1 choice that can serve as mobile, secure storage for many of your job sites.

Reach out to the TargetBox team in Ontario or British Columbia to lock in your rental price today – we’ll work with you to ensure your shipping container is delivered to your jobsite when and where you need it.