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Tips Before You Pack Your Storage Container


We all have items that need to be stored, so what do we do? Do we get a box, throw the stuff in, and cram it into any space we can find? We can do this if we don’t care what actually happens to the contents of the storage container, but if you’d like your storage to remain intact, you’ll need to put just a little more effort into your packing. 5 tips to help you get started:

1. Pick the right container unit

Choosing the right type of container for your storage makes a big difference in how protected your items will be. Choose the right size, color, and be sure to check out the handles and lid. Remember that the light empty container may not be so easy to move once it is filled with your stuff. If one large container will be too heavy, choose several smaller ones instead.

2. Clear the clutter from your garage

It’s amazing what we think we need to store. Once you’ve gathered all the items that need to be packed, go through them again and weed out any items that can be thrown away, given away, or actually used. Don’t be afraid to get rid of unnecessary items in order to have room for the stuff you really need to store.

3. Create a packing list

Even with a label, it’s a good idea to make a more detailed packing list for your storage containers. Right brief descriptions on a list and put copies in your household notebook, in the box itself, and in your files. These lists will be helpful not only when you need something out of the box, but also for insurance purposes. Be sure to update the lists when you change out storage container contents. Lists of the contents of your holiday boxes can also go in your Holiday Planning Notebook.

4. Pack your storage container

Packing the container carefully will allow you to prevent damage, and maximize your space. Group like items together. Don’t be afraid to pack a smaller container inside a larger box if it will help consolidate and sort smaller items.

5. Label & storage your container unit

Label each container once it is packed up neatly, and your packing list is complete. A good system is to label each container with a number that corresponds to a number written on the top of its packing list. If you want to add additional labels, (Christmas garland, baby girl size 6months, etc.) you can do that as well. Having a number that corresponds with a packing list will help you find items quickly.