The Ultimate Social Distancing Vacation: Shipping Containers are Replacing Traditional Cottages

The Ultimate Social Distancing Vacation - Shipping Containers are Replacing Traditional Cottages - TargetBox - Banner

Take a glance at the average cottage and you will likely be shocked – it can require just as much money and maintenance as your home. Whatever happened to cottages being relaxing getaways for the family?

We all need great escapes into the country. To breathe in the aroma of pine trees. To take the kids on an early morning fishing trip. To snooze the afternoon away. And disconnect from digital devices.

Heading to the cottage is an essential part of many Canadians’ summers. But traditional cottages are changing, and not all for the best. A simple cottage now comes with large costs, weeks of maintenance and nonstop worries. Choosing to build new with practical and strong shipping containers as your structure could be exactly what your new cottage build needs.

Cottage Prices Are Going Through the Proverbial Roof

The rise of home prices in the city has had a huge effect on rural properties. City slickers are fleeing the hustle and bustle faster than ever before, seeking out the calm and secluded properties of cottage country.

That means a basic cottage can easily cost $500,000 or more. These humble summer homes now require large mortgage payments and weekly maintenance so that they do not fall into disrepair.

Using a shipping container – or two or three – to place on a much less expensive plot of land will reduce your buying costs, cut the time you spend maintaining your property, and give you much more focus on the things that matter.

Cottage Should Be For Relaxing, Not Maintaining

Talk with any of your friends who own cottages. It’s not all fun and games. You will need to fix shingles on the roof and exterminate termites that eat through the wood structure, plus all of cleaning and tidying outside of the cottage.

Cut the amount of maintenance you need to worry about when you choose a cottage built of 14-gauge steel. Designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and stackable to expand your floorspan while diminishing your ecological footprint, TargetBox shipping containers are built tough, and can last generations.

Faster Than Building a New Ordinary Cottage

Those with property looking to build a cottage usually need to get through the complex process of hiring designers, waiting for contractors to become available, and sourcing materials.

TargetBox’s modification team can fabricate the exact cottage you want, while giving you the speed you need to be settled into your cottage in no time – the finished building can be delivered to your site with care and precision.

Trust the Cottage Constructors at TargetBox Today

If you’re dreaming of getting the keys to your new cottage sooner, with less hassle, less annoying cottage maintenance and at an affordable price, contact the TargetBox team today – we will work with you to make your dream getaway a reality.