The Ultimate House-Moving Comparison: U-Haul Truck vs. Shipping Container


If you have the means to hire a moving crew and truck to load and unload, that’s great! But for everyone else who wants to save some money and have full control over their personal possessions, then renting may be the best option for you.

There are many things to consider that can affect the success of your overall experience, and much of it relies on the method you choose to move your stuff – either a truck/van rental or a shipping container rental from TargetBox.

You need to consider rental costs, convenience factors, security, frustration levels and more.

As one of Canada’s leading shipping container rental businesses in Ontario and British Columbia, TargetBox is here to help clear the air on whether you should rent a truck/van or a shipping container.

Which option will be delivered the fastest?

Call up most local truck or van rental companies, and you will quickly realize that having something dropped off at your home where you need it is challenging, time-consuming and, in many cases, impossible.

If you are short on time and need a solution within 24 or 48 hours, you may be out of luck again. Many moving companies advertise that their trucks and vans are available, but when busy times arrive, the option you need is not available.

TargetBox can deliver a clean and accessible shipping container to your property, where you need it, in as little as 24 hours. If you are in Southwestern Ontario or lower mainland British Columbia, we will have a shipping container available for you to rent, whether you need it for a few days or a few months.

Which option is the most affordable?

Renting a truck is almost universally dreaded, not only for their booking and delivery waiting period but also for their costs.

These companies often advertise low prices like “NOW ONLY $19.95” but the “other” costs quickly pile up. These advertised prices always have fine print. This rate often only applies to the absolute smallest truck or van that is rarely available. Then you need to add on the extras: mileage, insurance (a.k.a. protection packages) and environmental fees. And if you don’t pay for the extra insurance and accidentally ding the side of the truck, the costs and complications for you go through the roof.

TargetBox shipping containers can be rented in 10-foot and 20-foot sizes, with clean, secure and accessible moving containers starting as low as $110/month – less than $4 per day! There is also a small delivery fee but no hidden fuel surcharges or accident costs.

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Which option is the most convenient?

Consider your standard moving truck. Take note of the skinny ramp you need to walk furniture up just to get to the floor of the truck, and the balancing acts required to ensure no one gets injured.

These trucks also cost significant cash every day it is in your possession; you will be in a rush to move as much content as possible. Accidents, injuries and aches are bound to happen.

Targetbox’s ground-level shipping containers can be carefully delivered to your driveway, allowing you to easily walk right in, reducing the need for heavy lifting. When your belongings are safely stored inside, our professional drivers will pick up your container and drive it to your next destination.

Booking is easy too, with a simple form that can be filled out in less than a couple of minutes, followed by a personalized quote for your approval.

Which option is the most secure?

The smallest dent on a cube van can happen with an errant baseball from a neighbourhood kid. That’s an added cost with a vehicle rental.

The same baseball can be hit numerous times against a solid-steel shipping container with barely a scuff mark. TargetBox Shipping containers can last through trips across oceans, disastrous hurricanes and typhoons, and they will certainly be fine with your belongings. TargetBox rentals are also waterproof to ensure the inside remains dry from point A to point B.

Which option gives homeowners the least amount of stress?

Few people look forward to driving large cube trucks or vans that they are unfamiliar with. Pile on the frustration with booking, picking up your truck, filling it, roping in friends to help, driving it and unloading it all on the same day, and you will quite possibly have lost some valuable years off your life.

TargetBox shipping containers can be unloaded over days or weeks – there is no rush to do it all in one day. Each container is professionally placed in your driveway with care, and there are no scary surcharges.

Our containers help to create a more stress-free moving experience. And TargetBox even has a list of great tips to make your move easy – we’re here to help in any way we can.

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Which Rental Option is Best for You?

You will likely agree that if you are looking for an option that can be delivered quickly, affordably, conveniently with less stress for you and built to handle your move, you will pick a TargetBox container.

Once you choose a shipping container to move and store your personal belongings, you will never choose any other way.

TargetBox has rentals available, waiting just for you.

Moving Container 8′ x 10′
This box is large enough to move the contents of most smaller homes. This storage box fits comfortably on most driveways, with space to spare.
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Moving Container 8′ x 20′
This box will hold the contents of most two to three-bedroom homes. If you have a larger home, consider renting two containers! This storage box fits comfortably on most driveways.
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