The Top Four Things to Consider for Your Shipping Container Delivery

The Top Four Things to Consider for Your Shipping Container Delivery

Congratulations – you’ve chosen TargetBox as your shipping container storage unit supplier. Great choice!

As you will find out very quickly, (or perhaps you already know) self-storage through TargetBox is easy, convenient and will improve pretty much everything in your life (this last fact has not yet been 100% proven).

Over 10+ years in fulfilling the portable storage needs of our customers, we’ve heard countless bits of advice on important things to consider.

Let’s take a look at our customers’ top four considerations:

1. Prepare Your Stuff

It’s so tempting to just throw everything into cardboard boxes and toss them into a shipping container. We don’t recommend this. Not at all. To make your life easier before, during and after the time with your storage unit, we recommend that you keep your contents well organized. Use sturdy boxes that can stack easily, label each box, and create a packing list for everything going into your TargetBox.

An additional helpful tip we hear from our renovation customers is to clean items before packing them away. This way, you won’t be bringing in dirty/dusty items into newly renovated (and hopefully clean) spaces.

2. Prepare Your Location

When we drop off a TargetBox storage unit at a residential property, we recommend that we do so on a driveway. Driveways, whether cement, asphalt or gravel, are sturdy enough to bear the weight of the unit as well as its contents, and are usually conveniently located on your property if storage unit access is needed for any reason. If you’re purchasing a shipping container and plan to keep it for many years, talk with us about creating a solid foundation that will withstand the terrain’s stresses and weather challenges.

The Top Four Things to Consider for Your Shipping Container Delivery

3. Prepare Your Timeline

It’s dually important to consider how long your shipping container will be on property. Consider access difficulties if the weather changes to stormy winter conditions; if the unit takes up space in your driveway or work site for extended periods of time; and what items in your storage container may be regularly needed. What may be a great idea/location one day may change depending on circumstances out of your control.

4. Prepare for the Worst

Your storage unit, made from a sturdy steel shipping container, will come in waterproof, weather, and rodent-resistant condition. But as much as no one wants bad things to happen to them, bad things can happen. And if something happens, such as damage or theft, we want you to be completely covered. (Another great reason to have a packing list!)

If your container stays on your residential property, your home insurance SHOULD cover its contents, but we strongly suggest that you confirm this with your insurance company.

If you store your TargetBox shipping container offsite, like at our secured facility, (at no extra charge) then you will likely need additional insurance coverage. We would be happy to suggest local insurance companies who specialize in this area – just ask.

Final Word

So, as long as you get organized, prepare the site, think of your timeline, and ensure you’re insured, all should be good. Still have questions? That’s okay! Please check out the rest of our website, give us a call at 519-266-4015, or email We are here to help.