The Top 10 Tiny Home Essentials for Canadians

The Top 10 Tiny Home Essentials for Canadians

A fully mobile tiny home can do everything you want – and more – without hiring a single architect, contractor, carpenter or drywaller.

No matter your reasons for buying a tiny home here in Canada, whether you seek a cottage, granny flat or seek to single-handedly solve the affordable housing crisis, TargetBox has favourite tiny-home essentials that customers always appreciate. Here are 10 of our most-requested features.

Tiny Home Modern Plumbing

Whether you choose our 13-foot Nest or our 40-foot Den, your space needs modern conveniences like indoor plumbing. Our Nest squeezes in a bathroom, which has fully equipped plumbing for the sink and toilet, while our mid-sized Burrow and large-sized Den have a sink, toilet and shower stall. Our Burrow and Den also include a beautiful kitchen with a workable sink and plumbing.

We know that even tiny homes have outdoor water needs, so we also include a spigot on the outside of your tiny home to address your other needs: watering plants, scrubbing cars and cleaning your dogs after a playful jaunt in a mud puddle.

The Top 10 Tiny Home Essentials for Canadians - TargetBox - Burrow - Bathroom Washroom

Premium Insulation for Tiny Homes

Keep your tiny home cozy, whether it is 30℃ in summer or -30℃ in winter, with two inches of spray foam on all walls and even the ceiling. The walls of your transformed shipping container home also include wood studs and drywall or shiplap finish, depending on your unique needs. 

Glass Entryway Door

A beautiful five-foot door is your entryway to your tiny escape. This can be customized to be either a sliding door or a double door that can open onto a wood deck, further extending the amount of space you can enjoy.

The Top 10 Tiny Home Essentials for Canadians - TargetBox - Entryway Door

Three-Piece Bathroom

You may live in the rustic wild here in Canada, but you certainly aren’t a caveman! Each TargetBox tiny home has the modern conveniences of a bathroom, including a toilet and vanity. Our Burrow and Den models even have a complete shower (32” x 48”).

Heated VCT flooring

There’s nothing wrong with a little luxury in a tiny home, either. TargetBox installs vinyl plank flooring, and a heated floor mat with a thermostat will keep your feet comfortable and warm, even in the dead of winter.

Double-Paned Windows

Tiny homes are best suited in environments surrounded by natural beauty. That’s why TargetBox strongly encourages at least one window in every tiny home to allow the sunshine of the great outdoors to pour in and give you ample opportunity to catch sight of your surroundings. 

Full Kitchen

Sometimes cooking over a campfire doesn’t leave too much time, or it’s just not feasible. When you need the comforts of a fully equipped kitchen, you can turn to your TargetBox tiny home. Our Burrow and Den models come with white shaker cabinets, quartz countertops, a breakfast bar and the necessary space to breathe civility into your home.

Electric Clothing Washer/Dryer

When the wilderness calls your name, you no longer need to leave behind the luxuries of life. Add a stackable washer and dryer in your tiny home! Our 40-foot tiny home can be customized with the electric capacity and space to ensure no one will be using a washboard to clean clothes. (Be sure to request this premium feature in our quote form.) With a tiny home, a little extra space for essentials is always close at hand.

Electric Wall-Mounted Heaters

If you have had a chance to sample the wonders of winter in Canada, you will know that boosting your indoor heat to compensate for the frigidness of the great outdoors is essential for human survival. TargetBox’s tiny homes can be equipped with in-wall heaters and a thermostat to conveniently control the temperature with ease. 

Through-the-wall Electric Air Conditioning (AC)

Let the cool air from this modern AC unit blast efficiently and effortlessly through your tiny home. In seconds your home can be cooled to your desired temperature, controlled with a remote control. Another added option for our premium Canadian-built tiny homes.

TargetBox Delivers All of These Tiny Home Essentials, and so Much More

Whether you are thinking of a small ‘Nest’ for your backyard or a spacious ‘Den’ for your property up North, trust Targetbox’s team of design, development and delivery specialists to provide the tiny home you have been dreaming of. Reach out to us today!