The Official TargetBox Guide to Custom Shipping Containers

The Official Targetbox Guide to Custom Shipping Containers - TargetBox

Start with a quality shipping container, and the sky’s the limit to create the space of your dreams, whether you live in Ontario, British Columbia or anywhere else in Canada.

A shipping container is like a blank canvas – a space that’s ready for whatever creative modification you need to transform your rectangular box into a room that befits your needs and styles. 

TargetBox has in-house teams of sea can modification experts who will help you to realize your big dreams in no time. 

Shipping Container Dream to Reality

Whatever your reason for purchasing a shipping container, know that you’re starting a journey to see your dream come to life. Whether you’re adding storage space to your residential property, adding portable security to your construction site or storing excess product for your business, a shipping container is the best solution to your problem. 

Many TargetBox customers buy their new or used shipping containers as-is, meaning that they do not require modifications to their new spaces. But an increasing number of customers are seeing the benefits of upgrading their units with fast, inexpensive and convenient modifications.

How to Get a Shipping Container Modified to Your Liking in Ontario or British Columbia

When you inquire about buying a shipping container, you don’t necessarily need more than a dream. With that in mind, our team will speak with you about your needs and property attributes to determine what container is best for you. 

Along with some of the nitpicky details, like municipal by-laws, there are three main things to consider: container grade, container size and modifications desired.

1. Consider Shipping Container Grades

New Shipping ContainerThese containers are in remarkable condition, and have only had one journey from Asia to North America. 

Used Shipping ContainerThese are good-quality containers with minor scratches, dents and rust, and have made a few oceangoing trips. 

Construction-Grade Shipping ContainerSold in ‘as-is’ condition, these sea containers have very noticeable rust, dents and paint issues.

2. Choosing a Shipping Container Size

TargetBox has three popular sizes available for sale in Canada, as well as some ‘high-cube’ models (which are one foot higher than the height dimensions listed):

10-Foot Shipping Containers
Width: 8 ft
Height: 8 ft 6 in
Length: 10 ft
Weight: 2,870 lbs
Capacity Details: 15.95 m (563 cu. ft.)

20-Foot Shipping Containers
Width: 8 ft.
Height: 8.5 ft.
Length: 19.84 ft.
Weight: 5,204 lbs.
Capacity Details: 32.8 m (1,158 cu. ft.)

40-Foot Shipping Containers
Width: 8 ft
Height: 8.5 ft
Length: 40 ft
Weight: 8,776 lbs
Capacity Details: 67.2 m (2,372 cu. ft.)

3. Modification Options for Shipping Containers in Ontario and British Columbia

If you can dream it, TargetBox can do it: office, storage, refrigeration unit, restaurant, garage, house, and everything else your mind can dream up. Here are some specific ways that we can upgrade your sea container:

The Official Targetbox Guide to Custom Shipping Containers - TargetBox - 02

Contact Canada’s Shipping Container Modification Expects for a No-Obligation Quote

Now that you have a better understanding of shipping container grades, sizes and customizations that Targetbox can do for you, you’re one step closer to informing yourself of the possibilities.

Whether you’re located in Chilliwack or Chatham, family-owned TargetBox is here to help you stay informed about sea cans (“c cans”) for sale, shipping container pricing and modifications. Please reach out to us via our online quote form or through email or phone, listed below.

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