The Cold, Hard Truth About Refrigerated Shipping Containers

The Cold, Hard Truth About Refrigerated Shipping Containers - TargetBox - 1

Constructing a building complete with insulation, electrical and a built-in generator would not only be one of the most expensive purchases you could possibly make, but it would be time consuming, frustrating and likely underwhelming.

Did you know that there is a better way to expand your insulated and refrigerated spaces? You guessed it – shipping containers.

Refrigerated shipping containers (also known as ‘reefers’) are incredibly strong structural solutions that can be quickly and affordably placed where you need them. TargetBox is a Canadian expert in sourcing and delivering such containers, with a constant and ever-rotating selection of reefers of different lengths and conditions.

Why Buy a Refrigerated Sea Can From TargetBox?

TargetBox has access to 20-foot and 40-foot reefers, some of which are in like-new condition, while others have shown a bit of wear. You also have the choice between refrigeration units that are in operational and non-operational condition. So, whether you are storing a large quantity of food items at low temperatures, or if you simply want to have some extra insulation to keep the inside temperature balanced, TargetBox has the solution for you.

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What Comes with a Reefer Container?

TargetBox offers four unique refrigerated or insulated containers. Whether you are seeking a container simply with insulation or extra space that has a fully operational refrigeration system, we have what you need.

20-Foot Used Operating Reefer Container

These are containers made from extremely strong 14-gauge steel that can withstand hurricane-force winds. The interior is food safe for excellent and easy storage. The components all work and can chill this space down to -25°C.
Learn more about our 20-foot refrigeration units

20-Foot Used Non-Operating Reefer Container

Although the refrigeration part of this container is no longer operational, the large interior space is finished and insulated, offering you a nice-looking, clean and quickly delivered space with many years of life left in it.
Learn more about our 20-foot non-operating refrigeration units

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40-Foot Used Operating Reefer Container

For extra-large refrigerated space needed quickly, trust TargetBox’s fully operational shipping containers boasting the complete fridge system plus an extra foot of storage space. These high-cube containers have a ton of potential for storing goods that require specific temperatures.

Learn more about our 40-foot high-cube refrigerated units

40-Foot Used Non-Operating Shipping Container

Our high-cube insulated containers have refrigeration systems that no longer operate, but the interior is still 100% insulated and finished with food-grade surfaces. This ensures complete comfort for a wide range of uses, from massive storage spaces to cozy workshops.
Learn more about our 40-foot insulated (non-operating) reefers

Explore a Cool Way to Save Time, Money and Energy

Speak with TargetBox representatives about our current reefer stock and how these units can help to drastically reduce the amount of money you spend on storage, the amount of time it takes to get a building constructed, and the amount of energy you need to make it happen. We’re here to help – reach out and let’s make something happen today!