The Best Storage Options for Lawn Equipment and Landscaping Materials

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10 Reasons Why Shipping Containers Are the Best Storage Options for Lawn Equipment and Landscaping Materials

If you own a landscaping company, space and storage is always an issue. You’ve likely already priced out building a large shed and garages to meet your current and future needs, but just can’t make the leap to spend $50,000+ on storing your lawn equipment.

Landscapers who want to save money and gain versatile and multifunctional space choose shipping containers to store their equipment.

1. Shipping Containers Are Strong

They can take frequent abuse from riding lawn mowers, aerators, lawn rollers and a whole assortment of hand tools. Fully loaded containers can even be stacked up to eight high to save space – but you may want to check with your local building department before attempting this. (Send us a pic if you complete this feat!)

2. Shipping Containers Are Durable

Sea cans last more than 30 years and through it all they can withstand the stress and force of most natural elements. This ensures that TargetBox shipping containers continue to perform as effective storage solutions well into the future. Even in hurricane conditions rarely do shipping containers fail.

3. Shipping Containers Are Affordable

A garden shed can cost thousands of dollars, and a much bigger storage shed for lawn equipment can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. There are far better ways to spend your money, and it starts with purchasing a TargetBox shipping container, which can cost as little as $2,100 for a heavy-duty, sealed, strong and durable 20-foot shipping container. With a little creativity, you could create (or hire our modification crew) a massive 40×24 shed that can fit vehicles, riding lawn mowers, tools and lawn supplies for less than $10,000. That’s significant savings for your business.

4. Shipping Containers Are Delivered Quickly

TargetBox moves at the speed of your growing property maintenance business. That means if you need a shipping container in one of our key service areas, we can often fulfil your order in 48 hours. We can deliver quickly in the following locations in Southwestern Ontario: London, Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, Stratford, Strathroy and Woodstock. And in British Columbia: Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Hope.

5. Shipping Containers Have Options to Suit Landscapers

Not all lawn maintenance businesses operate the same, so TargetBox can modify your shipping container to make it everything you need. We can fabricate doors, install ventilation if you will be storing gasoline, paint the exterior to give your storage space an extra dash of ‘wow’, and even convert a shipping container into more office space.

Modified Shipping container

6. Shipping Containers Are Ready to Use

You will need to confirm that you have permission from your municipality to place your shipping container on your property, so a good first step is to ensure that you are not breaking by-laws in that regard. Secondly, assuming that you have their approval, you will need a solid foundation. (Gravel will do in most cases.) Besides that, your shipping container is ready to go. There is no waiting periods, contractors or necessity to pick paint colours (thank goodness). A TargetBox container is ready for your lawn maintenance business once it is delivered. Within minutes, it can be in use.

7. Shipping Containers Are Multi-Purpose

Equipment storage is a primary use for TargetBox shipping containers, especially for property maintenance businesses, but they can suit a world of purposes. Need a little extra space to store and cut wood for your customers’ outdoor projects? Transform a shipping container into a workshop. Need office space outside of the home? Convert a container into an office with everything you need. Need a dry room for fertilizer and pesticides? TargetBox does that too.

8. Shipping Containers Are Mobile

Your lawn business is always on the move, and you may realize that you need an offsite storage solution closer to where you need it. With a shipping container, you can easily move your entire storage unit or office to another location – wherever and whenever it is needed. You can’t do that with new buildings.

9. Shipping Containers Are Secure

A growing frustration with lawn professionals is the increase in thefts of their expensive equipment and supplies. Built of 14-gauge CORTEN steel and doors to withstand anything that the Pacific Ocean can throw at it, TargetBox shipping containers are very difficult to access as long as you include an equally strong lock. They are also safe from extreme weather conditions, as each comes with doors that completely seal.

10. Shipping Containers Are Scalable

The worst thing about making a big capital investment is that you often quickly realize that your lawn business’s needs are changing, and so must your spaces. With TargetBox’s shipping containers, it’s always easy to add more space. Start big and grow, or start small and purchase more space as you need it. Simply pick up your phone and place your order. It’s one of the few storage solutions that allows you to scale up just as quickly as your business.

Shipping Container Ideas for Businesses in Ontario

Do you own a business and need more space to grow? Let us know and we can tell you about our current inventory and some other great ideas we have heard businesses doing – delivery can take place in as little as 48 hours. Contact TargetBox at or call 519-266-4015.