With convenient portable storage, you can move on your own terms

Whether you’re moving to a new home or you’re starting a home renovation project, you need a storage solution that’s convenient and hassle-free. Sadly, many of the most common storage options are the exact opposite. Moving trucks seem like a great choice initially, but there are a lot of hidden fees. Moving companies are expensive, and they force you to move according to their timelines – not your own. And self-storage requires you to travel back and forth to access your belongings. A storage pod rental solves all of these problems and offers several other benefits.

Get your storage pod in 24 hours

With a storage pod rental, you don’t have to worry about complex schedules or lengthy wait times. In most instances, TargetBox can deliver your storage unit just 24 business hours after your order is finalized. You can choose to have your storage pod delivered in the morning or afternoon, and you can start loading right away. Take as much or as little time as you need to pack everything up. Then, give TargetBox a call when you’re ready. Every aspect of your storage pod rental happens quickly.

Storage pods keep your items safe and secure

Storage pods are designed to keep your household items safe from pests, weather conditions, and intruders. Each pod is made of 8-gauge steel, which is durable and weather-resistant, and features a heavy-duty lockbox system. The lockbox system can’t be compromised – not even with heavy bolt cutters. Additionally, the elevated floors protect your items from water and rodents. Once your belongings are locked inside your storage pod rental, you can rest assured that they’re safe.

Storage pods are the most affordable moving option

Storage pods are cost-effective because they eliminate the add-ons that are common with moving trucks, self-storage units, and moving companies. For example, when you rent a moving truck, you’re subject to gas and mileage costs in addition to the rental fee. With a moving company, you’re paying for labor and supplies as well as gas and mileage. A storage pod rental sits on your property. You don’t have to travel to a facility to access your items, and you don’t have to pay for travel-related expenses or labor. You pay a monthly fee, and that fee covers everything – the container rental itself, the container drop-off, and the container pickup. You’ll spend less upfront, and you won’t have any surprises later on.

Storage pod rentals offer flexibility

Home projects are unpredictable. Sometimes, you need an extra month to finish a renovation or complete a move. With a storage pod rental, you can simply extend the length of your contract without facing any penalties. And, as your needs change, your rental can change with them. TargetBox offers pods in three sizes – 10’, 20’, and 40’. Perhaps you need a 40’ storage pod during phase one of a renovation, but as the project winds down, a 40’ pod is just too big. There’s an easy fix – simply downsize your pod to 10’ or 20’. With a self-storage unit, a moving company, or a moving truck, making these kinds of changes can be costly, and they can add significant time to your project as you wait for services to become available. In contrast, a storage pod rental offers the most flexibility and convenience.

A storage pod rental is the only way to move on your terms. Contact TargetBox today to find the pod that’s right for you.