Tackling Affordability in British Columbia With Shipping Containers

shipping container office interior in British Columbia

If you live in British Columbia, you will fully understand that ‘affordability’ has been thrown out the window. Whether you are buying fruit from the supermarket, fixing your car at the shop, or paying your electricity bill, you no doubt know that costs continue to rise – some at alarming rates.

Consider the cost of building on your land here in British Columbia. It has been more complex than ever to build a secondary dwelling, office or workshop, but it’s also far more expensive. Living and upgrading even a modest home in Vancouver is practically impossible, and the future does not look rosy.

If you’re looking to save some time and money building your next structure, consider British Columbia’s leading alternative: TargetBox. Our mobile shipping container buildings will help you build faster and cheaper than standard methods.

Build Your Workshop or Office Faster in British Columbia

Let’s pretend for a moment that you dream of building a workshop or office on your property. Without shipping containers, you will have to go through a very long process involving contractors, labourers, trades and delays.

But with TargetBox, not only is all the work happening offsite, but it’s faster than you ever thought possible. If you were to hire a contractor, your job likely wouldn’t be done for 6–8 months – or longer. Our standard schedule to build customized mobile offices is 6–8 weeks, delivered to your site.

Our professional modification team and off-site construction processes ensure that your design is completed in just a fraction of the time it would take to complete a standard building.

Build Your Workshop or Office Affordably in British Columbia

It’s tempting to go with the traditional construction approach and hire an architect, contractor, and team of labourers to complete your build over many months. But the cost is unbelievably prohibitive, with a simple rectangular office costing much more than you can even imagine.

With a TargetBox build, you get all the benefits of a standard office without the high costs.

Why? Our mobile buildings are custom-made offsite without costly delays, saving you time and money. The foundation you require for your shipping container building is also less complicated than standard offices and workshops. (However, check your local building department to confirm your exact requirements.)

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Save Time and Save Money with TargetBox Offices and Workshops

Addressing affordability in British Columbia requires innovative approaches to construction.

Shipping container buildings by TargetBox offer a fast and cost-effective solution. By embracing these alternative options, individuals and even business owners can navigate the challenges of affordability while achieving their goals.

Reach out to our British Columbia-based team of modification experts to learn how we can take a strong shipping container and transform it into the building you need while saving you time and money. Fill out a quote request form right now.