Sustainable and Affordable Office Space with Stacked Shipping Containers

A shipping container office offers modern design, flexibility, and major cost savings

The concept of the office is changing in many ways, including a shift toward casual dress codes and remote teams. But perhaps the biggest change is the office itself. The shipping container office, formed by a single container or stacks of multiple containers, has ushered in a new frontier in the corporate workplace. Gone are the days when an office was defined by rows of cubicles, neutral colours, and boring architecture – a shipping container office prioritizes bold, modern design and provides several benefits beyond its looks.

A cost-effective office solution

Shipping container offices are significantly cheaper to build than a traditional commercial office space. Each container is made of steel, which costs three to four times less to produce than aluminum. If your office is made from gently used containers, you’ll likely save even more.

Ultimately, the final cost will depend on your containers’ age, size, and condition, and also the number of containers you need, but on average, the price of a single container can fall between $1,400 – $5,000. In contrast, a single construction site office can cost between $15,000 – $45,000. So, even if your shipping container office is comprised of just one container, you’ll still see huge savings.

An environmentally friendly office

One of the biggest draws of shipping container offices is their sustainability. Steel is recyclable and reusable. In the case of a temporary office, your space can be repurposed and used somewhere else when you’re done. Steel shipping containers are also built to withstand the elements and rough conditions on the high seas. They’re durable and fire-proof, which means they won’t require a lot of maintenance and they’ll fare well during disasters.

Additionally, during construction, a shipping container office produces far less waste than a typical commercial office buildout. If you use recycled steel, you’ll cut your office’s CO2 emissions by 80%.

An office for now and always

Whether you need an office for a two-month construction job or you’re looking for something more permanent, a shipping container office is the perfect option.

Once the job site shuts down, you can easily transport your office to a new location or even store it in a secured yard until you need it again. If you need your office long-term, it’s durable enough to last as long as you need it.

A modern office with design versatility

Unlike a traditional office, shipping container offices aren’t limited to standard designs. For example, Epic Software’s Houston, Texas-based Creative Co-op used 11 shipping containers to create a vibrant, multi-purpose space. The building houses office suites and a film studio, and its external features include elevated walkways, multiple porches, and an angled roof. Inside and out, stacked shipping containers allowed Epic Software to create its dream office. Regardless of how big or small your office is, you have the same flexibility.

A shipping container office can grow with your business

Shipping containers can be easily modified. So, if you need to add another suite or expand your HVAC system, there’s no need to worry. You can continue adding on features as you see fit. Where a traditional commercial building would require a major construction project to make even minor changes, your shipping container can be updated quickly and easily.

Shipping container offices offer employers a fast, easy, affordable, and eco-friendly way to build a modern workspace that meets their needs. Contact TargetBox today to start planning your new office.