Strong, Secure Offices for Canadian Industrial and Construction Sites

Commercial Steel Storage Containers in Kitchener

Shipping containers can endure weeks spent riding waves across the Pacific Ocean and, in most cases, survive hurricane-force winds. 

This extreme toughness makes these same shipping containers the structurally sound solution for creating mobile facilities for some of the world’s most demanding industries, including oil and gas, mining, forestry, construction and agriculture.

So, how do they get to be so strong, and where should you be using your shipping container office? Let’s dig in!

TargetBox Shipping Containers Built With Structural Integrity

The core strength of our shipping containers lies in their CORTEN steel exterior, which allows them to withstand harsh conditions. This specific type of steel is corrosion-resistant and can have decades of use still left in them.

These steel exteriors also have incredible load-bearing capacity. On the ocean, they can be stacked, fully loaded, up to nine high without compromising structural integrity. 

Outside Roll up Doors for Robert Hills Farm

Weather-Resistant Shipping Container Offices

Every TargetBox shipping container office is waterproof and windproof, making it suitable for Canada’s severe weather patterns.

But what about Canada’s extreme temperature? When converted into offices, TargetBox containers are insulated with spray foam and installed with heating and cooling systems, ensuring a comfortable working environment even in the most rugged environment.

How to use Shipping Container Offices on Your Construction or Industrial Site

Although many businesses buy TargetBox shipping containers purely to use as onsite secure storage, converting a container into an office can provide comfortable, secure and durable space for project managers, engineers and administrative staff to efficiently get their work done. The steel exterior safeguards everything inside, ensuring that valuable equipment and important documents are protected from the elements and potential theft.

These offices can also serve as break rooms for workers, offering a sheltered and comfortable environment for relaxation and meals when on their break or when the weather doesn’t fully cooperate with the project’s schedule. With TargetBox’s spray foam insulation and climate control units, shipping container offices provide a respite from extreme weather conditions.

Shopping Containers Make the Mobile Office Space Your Business Needs

Along with being built with a rock-solid exterior to give legendary durability, shipping containers combine cost-effectiveness, mobility and modifications to make them ideal for Canada’s most challenging environments. 

Reach out to TargetBox to see what our all-steel shipping containers can do for your business, whether it operates downtown, on the farm, on a construction site or beyond.