Storage Solutions for Construction Companies & Contractors

Convenient Storage Solutions For Construction Companies and Contractors

On any construction site, it’s important to protect expensive equipment and raw materials from potential theft and damage. It’s also critical for site workers to know where items are stored, to ensure that projects are efficient and stay on schedule. With storage containers, jobsite storage accomplishes all of these goals and more.

Easy access to supplies and equipment

Without on-site construction storage, equipment and supplies will need to be transported to the job site each day. This is tedious, costly, and, frankly, a waste of time. Storage containers can keep these items secure on-site. When workers arrive, they can start their jobs immediately, and the time that would have been devoted to equipment transport can be dedicated to the main project.

Keep business assets secure

Construction projects often have strict budgets and timelines, and if materials or equipment are stolen or damaged by weather conditions, this means unexpected costs and delays. Storage containers offer secure and weather-proof jobsite storage. You can rest assured that your assets will remain secure for the duration of your project.

 Storage Solutions For Construction Companies - TargetBox Containers

Custom-built to your specific needs

Every construction project has unique requirements, and storage containers can be modified to accommodate these needs. You can choose from three sizes (8’ x 10’, 8’ x 20’, 8’ x 40’), which are large enough for all project scopes, and you can modify containers to add upgrades like sliding doors, windows, and partitions. Storage containers are never “one size fits all”, and you can find or design one that’s just right for your construction site.

Cost-effective jobsite storage

Storage containers can save you money. If you use an off-site storage unit or facility, this is attached to a lot of costs. You’ll need a moving truck to transport materials and equipment, for which you’ll be charged by the mile. You’ll also need to commit to a long-term contract, which could leave you paying for storage space when you no longer need it. And you’ll be stuck paying for the same unit size, even when your needs change and the project nears completion. Shipping containers offer you more flexible and cost-effective options.

On-site construction storage means that you don’t need a moving truck. You can pay for your shipping container month-to-month and simply return it when you’re done. (You also have the option to buy it if you’ll need the container long-term.) You can swap your shipping container for a different size as needed. And on average, you’ll save upwards of 50% per square foot.

You can customize a shipping container by adding logos and slogans - TargetBox Canada

Brand your shipping container by adding company colors, logos, and slogans.

New ways to build brand awareness

Shipping containers can be decorated with your company logo or colors. As people drive by your construction site, they can get exposed to your brand even before your project is complete. This is an affordable and effective advertising method. Your shipping container is more than just a way to store your items – it doubles as a groundbreaking promotional tool.

Keep your construction project on schedule and on budget with shipping containers. Contact TargetBox today to find the option that’s best for your jobsite.