Steps to Prepare for Your Shipping Container Arrival

Steps to Prepare for Your Shipping Container Arrival - TargetBox - Banner

Choosing a shipping container is one thing, but making sure your site is 100% ready for your container’s new beginning is something else.

TargetBox is a Canadian leader in delivering high-quality sea cans to residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout Ontario and British Columbia. We are successful because we help Canadians to choose the right container for their needs, and deliver on our promises every time.

As shipping container leaders we know a great deal about what you as a property owner need to do to ensure your shipping container is not only delivered safely but sits in a locale that benefits you most.

Prepare the Way

First off, choose the location for TargetBox shipping container’s final destination. Consider the size of your container and which direction the doors will open. In doing so, also consider how you will access your container from any ancillary buildings/paths.

Notify TargetBox of this location as well as any electrical lines, low-hanging branches, narrow paths and terrain that may impede drop-off of your container. If your land is flat, that’s good to know; if your home sits atop a mountain, that’s also good to know.

You should also inform us which way you want the container to be facing. Letting us know about the route from the road to the site prior to delivery is crucial.

Prepare the Site

Clear land to allow your container (which can be up to 40 feet in length) as well as room for the vehicle delivering your container. The vehicle will need a little more extra height to allow the container to tip off the back of the flatbed, and after setting the container at its new home will need a clear, straight path of approximately the same length as the container that is set down.

Next, build a foundation. The best option to ensure a comfortable, permanent home for your container is a concrete slab. This helps to ensure that the land remains stable. You can also build concrete pile foundations or a compacted gravel foundation, but TargetBox recommends a concrete pad.

Whichever foundation option you choose, ensure your site does not sit in a flood plain. Perennially wet ground conditions will make your shipping container degrade faster than it should.

Prepare the Utilities

Work with your local utility companies to ensure that the electrical, plumbing and any other services can be set up correctly. This can be done after delivery of the sea container, but this often is best done prior to the unit’s arrival if you have time. Be sure that the utilities are not in the way of the container deliver vehicle when it is delivered.

Preparation “Can” Make the Difference

By preparing the way for the container, preparing the site for the container and preparing the utilities for the container, you are well on your way to having a positive sea container delivery experience.

If this is a lot to remember, do not worry. Your friends at TargetBox are here to ensure that nothing is forgotten.