Solving Municipal Storage Woes With One Purchase

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Municipalities are constantly evolving, doing what they can to meet the needs of their growing populations. In a world where ‘space’ often comes with increasing costs, there is one option that assists in emergency preparedness, equipment security, eco-friendly facilities, parks and recreation storage and even cultural centres.

It’s only through our wide selection of shipping containers that Ontario and British Columbia municipalities can address challenges head-on, with speed, affordability and durability, wherever they are needed.

Municipalities Take the Lead in Emergencies

Emergency preparedness means having the equipment and supplies readily available in reliable storage facilities. TargetBox shipping containers offer the perfect solution for storing emergency supplies such as food, water, medical supplies and medical equipment. 

With our containers, municipalities can rest assured that their emergency resources are safely stored and easily accessible in times of need, ensuring a swift response to any situation, from disaster relief to public health emergencies to extreme weather events.

Bring Your Office Anywhere

If you have been to a Parks Canada location, a Christmas market or a summer festival, you may have spotted a Targetbox shipping container being used to deliver business administration wherever needed.

Complete with entry doors, windows, insulation, electrical and drywall, these mobile offices can literally bring all of your municipality’s office comforts to wherever you need to be. PLUS, there is the convenience of being right where the always inquisitive public wants you to be.

Storing the Impossible for Parks & Recreation Departments

Why truck around your supplies when you can trust the durable and secure shipping container? 

Whether you need small storage with a 10’x8’ container or large space with our 40’x8’ container, you can use them for whatever you need, from lawnmowers and gardening tools to sports equipment and maintenance supplies.

With ample space and durable construction, TargetBox containers keep park equipment organized and protected from the elements, ensuring it remains in optimal condition for years to come.

Be a Friend to the Environment With Reusable Shipping Containers

Reduce your municipality’s carbon footprint and reuse shipping containers to take on everything you need. Thinking of the environment before choosing impractical ‘bricks and mortar’ solutions means that you will be promoting sustainability and using responsible resource management strategies in your community. Every CORTEN-steel shipping container you purchase is made with 100% steel and is fully recyclable.

Containers for Event & Facility Management

Municipalities that trust shipping containers are able to provide immediate and additional storage space for event supplies, signage, maintenance equipment and more. With TargetBox containers, municipalities can keep their parks and public infrastructure clean, organized and inviting for residents and visitors alike, enhancing the overall quality of life in the community.

Delivering Culture in Your Community

Lastly, municipalities don’t need to spend millions on fancy cultural buildings. TargetBox containers safeguard valuable assets such as historical artifacts, artwork and archival materials. Our containers offer secure and climate-controlled storage solutions, ensuring that cultural treasures remain protected and well-preserved for future generations to enjoy, in every neighbourhood you can imagine.

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Faster. Cheaper. Better. Every Day for Canadian Municipalities

TargetBox shipping containers are indispensable for municipalities in Ontario and British Columbia. No matter where you’re located. No matter what problem you need to solve.

Trust TargetBox to provide reliable storage solutions that meet the unique needs of your municipality, ensuring you’re always prepared for whatever the future may hold.