Shipping Containers Vs. Self-Storage Units: Which option is the best?

Shipping Containers Vs. Self-Storage Units. Which option is best?

For people and businesses in need of temporary storage space, self-storage units are often a go-to solution. When a room must be cleared out for a renovation or a retail shop has outgrown its stockroom, the nearest self-storage facility seems like a safe bet. But even though self-storage units are well-known, they aren’t necessarily the most practical option. It’s just as easy to rent a shipping container, and the results are superior for a few key reasons.

Shipping containers provide more convenience

Self-storage units are located in storage lockers (storage spaces inside a building) or mini-storage facilities (where you can drive up and unload). While the unit itself might be easy to use, you need to travel back and forth between your home or business and the facility. If you’re moving larger items like furniture, then you’ll need to rent a moving truck – an additional expense on top of the unit rental. In some cases, you might not be able to drive up to the unit, which means you’ll need a dolly, too.

For more convenience, consider shipping containers for rent. They’re stored on your property. So, when you need an item, you just need to walk outside and unlock your container. There’s no need to transport items, and there’s no travel involved. It’s turnkey easy.

Shipping containers are better for short-term rentals

Self-storage units often require a minimum commitment or contract. Should your needs change, cancellation policies may be prohibitive or require additional fees. You might not have the flexibility that you need.

With shipping containers, you can pay month-to-month, and as your needs change, your shipping container can change with them. If you need more or less time, you can easily change your terms. And, you can even switch to a different container size without issue. For short-term needs, rent a shipping container and ensure a hassle-free experience.

Shipping containers keep items pest-free

Shipping containers are completely sealed, and they’re guaranteed to keep out pests. With a self-storage unit, the sealing around the door isn’t as airtight, and it’s possible that rodents and bugs could sneak into your items. Not to mention, your belongings are stored alongside other units and you could be subject to the poor cleanliness habits of your storage facility neighbours.

Shipping containers are more secure

Self-storage facilities often tout CCTV and security personnel as the best ways to protect your belongings. But the units themselves don’t have entirely secure doors, and though CCTV and guards could possibly deter theft, there’s no guarantee that they’ll work. Especially in large facilities with hundreds of units.

Shipping containers, on the other hand, have state-of-the-art, reliable security. Every TargetBox container has a heavy-duty lockbox system, which features a heavy shield over the lockbox to protect against heavy bolt cutters. Not only will you have your items at an arm’s length, but they’ll also be safer.

Shipping containers are portable

If you’re moving to the other side of town, the last thing you want is to travel back and forth to move your items from storage to your new house. Shipping containers are movable, and TargetBox handles the heavy lifting. After you’ve loaded the container, give us a call and we’ll move it to the next location for you. This is storage made easy.

Self-storage units are one option for temporary storage, but they aren’t the best. Rent a shipping container and take full advantage of simple, portable storage. Contact TargetBox to explore our full assortment of containers today.