Shipping Containers Vs. Pods What Is Better For Your Next Move

Shipping Containers Vs. Pods: What Is Better For Your Next Move?

Moving is tough – you have to weigh expenses, move-in/move out timelines, and the transportation of your valuables. You want to choose the option that’s in your budget but that’s also reliable and easy to use. There are two popular options that get the job done – shipping containers and storage pods. To the blind eye, they might seem like the same thing, but there are many differences.

Security Features

Typical storage pods come with roll-up doors. These doors are lightweight and easy to open, but they aren’t applicable for every situation, and they aren’t 100% secure, watertight or rodent-proof. In contrast, shipping containers come with cargo doors and they can be modified further for additional security. Cargo doors keep out pests, thieves and water.

Compare Sizes

Storage pods are usually quite small, with limited size availability. The largest pod maxes out at 16’. This is fine if you’re moving the contents of an apartment, condo, or small one-bedroom home. But anything bigger and you’re out of luck.

Shipping containers are geared toward moves of all scopes. TargetBox’s containers are available in three sizes – 10’, 20’ and 40’. Each size offers considerably more room than what you’d receive with a storage pod. For example, a 20’ shipping container provides 44% more storage space than a 16’ pod.

Modification Options

Storage pods were designed to be an easy, hassle-free solution, so the available pod models are standardized. It saves you the trouble of navigating different specifications, but if your move is a bit more complicated, you simply have to make it work.

TargetBox understands that every move has unique needs. Our shipping containers can be modified to accommodate nearly every possible requirement, including man doors, windows, ventilation and electrical. And, if you need something extra special, we can work with you to make it happen.


Storage pods are made of steel frames with aluminum skin panels. They have translucent tops that let in some ambient light – a possible problem for sensitive items stored inside.

Shipping containers, however, are much tougher. They were made for rough, unforgiving transport across the ocean, open roads and railroads. They’re crafted from certified 8-gauge steel, which is more durable and protective. This enables shipping containers to safely handle much bigger loads than storage pods. This is important, considering the average households approximately 6-7 tons of furniture, products and apparel.

Delivery Options

Both storage pods and shipping containers are delivered to your home or desired address. But that’s where the similarities stop. Storage pods are lifted vertically off the transport truck and lowered directly onto the ground or the driveway. Direct contact with the concrete can cause cracks or greater damage.

Shipping containers are angled down off the truck and carefully placed on wood blocks to protect the ground or driveway. In the case of 40’ containers, a crane truck is used, which allows for even more precise placement. Before you load a single item inside, the protection starts with your driveway.

Storage pods and shipping containers are often considered to be the same, and the terms are used interchangeably. But shipping containers are tougher, safer, allow more flexibility and fit jobs of all sizes. For your next move, a shipping container is the way to go.

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