Shipping Containers: the Ultimate Farm Storage Solution

Shipping Containers For Farms
Farmers need the very best solutions for their complex business operations. Fortunately, affordable farm storage is now available across Ontario.

Farmers work hard to feed the world, and their complex agricultural operations demand the best solutions that their hard-earned money can buy.

There are many farm storage options available, ranging from cheap fabric shelters to expensive concrete equipment storage buildings, but there’s one that’s an especially hot commodity – TargetBox shipping containers.

Here are eight ways that TargetBox shipping containers are simply the best farm storage option for Ontario’s food superheroes.

1. Multifunctional Farm Storage

We’ll be the first to admit that shipping containers aren’t the best option for storing tractors or combines, but they can accomplish pretty much everything else. Shipping containers are a great option for storing tools, equipment and machinery. Since TargetBox containers are sealed, and easily modified by our team, it can also work if you need a cool and dry place for livestock feed, fertilizer or firewood. Some farmers we’ve spoken with use their portable farm storage for a classic car in the winter, and feed storage in the summer. For farmers with livestock, TargetBox can modify your portable storage container to be a livestock shelter in your field, or a farmgate stand complete with shelving, decal and a new coat of paint.

2. Shipping Containers Are Affordable

Farmers are often given storage options that are costly and lose their value quickly. Fortunately, shipping containers retain their value for decades after purchase. That means the thousands of dollars you save today by ordering your farm storage through TargetBox can guarantee you that you will save even more money down the road. It’s a win-win!

3. Portable Farm Storage Takes Up Little Space

Many farm storage solutions come in one size – BIG. And the price tag usually suits the size. TargetBox’s portable farm storage containers come in sizes from as small as 10×8 feet to 40×8 feet. If you’re running out of room in one area of your property, just lift it with your forklift and move it to another part, or stack them up – freeing up space is that easy.

4. Sea Containers Are Strong

Shipping containers were built to withstand the arduous journey from Asia to North America, so they are certainly built for whatever farm life throws at them. Each is built with heavy-gauge steel, with durability, rot resistance and wind resistance to beat most other farm storage options.

5. Maintenance-Free Farm Storage

Why buy cheap fabric structures when you know that under extreme weather conditions they could rip and require maintenance or replacement? TargetBox containers are practically maintenance-free, so you will never have to worry, and instead focus on your farm.

6. Storage Security on the Farm

The rise of theft is a disturbing trend for Ontario’s farms. Since shipping containers often look alike, thieves won’t know if they will find animal feed or your new four-wheelers. This may dissuade them from even trying to break in. TargetBoxes are made with Corten steel, with secure doors, making an entry difficult; thieves will likely consider easier prey.

shipping container lock box

7. Flexibility with TargetBox Farm Storage

Buy as many or as few as you need. Why build a huge building when a small one will do? If you need more storage space after a year, simply purchase another container. We’ve seen a farm with two shipping containers, separated by a large roof. Others have them stacked two high to save space.

8. Customized Shipping Containers for Farms

Every farm is different, which is why TargetBox sells its shipping containers with a wide array of upgrades available. Perhaps you’re using your container for a portable breakdown – our modification crew can install windows, man doors, and electricity. If the products you’re storing need climate control, we have insulation packages as well.

Fun Thought: Shipping Container Farming

Some innovative entrepreneurs are converting shipping containers into mini farms. These portable farms are filled with hydroponic systems and placed in food deserts to grow healthy, local food in Ontario’s food deserts. This portable farming solution uses much less water, and can take up as little space as you have available, as small as a single car parking spot.

The Future of Ag is Shipping Containers

What else will Ontario’s agricultural industry think of next? Whatever it is, they will be using shipping containers as their portable farm storage. If you’re a farmer in need of farm storage or have an innovative farm idea that involves shipping containers, reach out to TargetBox today – we ship across Ontario and can deliver most of our units in as little as 48 hours.