Shipping Containers for Disaster Relief and Emergency Situations

When the unexpected occurs, and when Canadians need help fast, disaster relief is needed ASAP. Whether it is a flood, forest fire, pandemic, snowstorm or tornado, having assets ready to assist in delivering an emergency plan is crucial.

TargetBox shipping containers can be modified to suit the many unique needs of emergency response teams for whatever situation they find themselves in. Our all-steel containers are watertight and have a structure that can often outlast even the worst hurricanes in the world.

They can be delivered in less than 24 hours, they are secure, they are mobile, and they are affordable. Let’s take a look at how TargetBox’s containers can help in the worst-case scenarios.

Shipping Container Shelters

Repurposed with beds and modified with insulation, electricity, doors, windows and running water, our mobile emergency shelters are the perfect way to house a large number of people quickly where the need is the greatest.

Kitchen and living spaces in a TargetBox building

Shipping Container Washrooms

When standard washroom facilities are unavailable, switch to mobile units that can be easily dropped off using a flatbed trailer. Whether firefighters are tackling a blaze far from civilization or a flood has knocked out sanitation services that locals have relied on, the clean and safe TargetBox washroom conversations bring hope.

Shipping Container Kitchens

TargetBox customizations can take a standard shipping container and convert it into a fully equipped kitchen, complete with safe cooking facilities, food storage spaces and a sanitation room. This hygienic space will help to keep food safe and quickly distribute wholesome food to those who need it most.

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Shipping Container Cleanup Storage Rooms

Cleaning up after a disaster is often the most time-consuming and arduous part of any emergency situation. Having a centralized location for cleaning supplies, like brooms, buckets and sanitation solutions, helps to keep the site organized and quickly accessible.

A cleanup storage room also helps manage inventory supplies and can even be outfitted to include showers and cleanup stations for rescue workers.

Shipping Container Clinics

Perfect for high-needs or remote areas, a TargetBox shipping container can be modified into a mobile clinic or complete emergency ward with everything patients and staff need to do their job, albeit remotely. Think of how many healthcare materials can fit in an 8’x40’ room – beds, sanitation equipment, medical equipment and so much more.

Sea Container Office - TargetBox Container Rentals and Sales

Shipping Container Storage for Valuables

Only some things in a disaster are lost. Often, valuables left behind could be ripe for unscrupulous individuals to pillage. TargetBox shipping containers are built using 14-gauge steel and can withstand the worst that thieves can throw at them.

Sea cans can also be used to stock with emergency supplies before disaster strikes, so that their contents can be deployed faster than ever before.

Shipping Container Emergency Response Command Centres

Part office, part storage space and part meeting room, a TargetBox command centre can be emergency personnel’s central location to coordinate and communicate effectively with their teams. Our centres can be insulated to keep the space warm, painted with bright colours to alert colleagues, and equipped with electrical outlets to operate the equipment.

If you need it in your command centre, Targetbox’s Canadian team of modification experts can do it.

How to Order Mobile Disaster Relief Buildings in Canada

To ensure that your organization is ready to take on the tasks at a moment’s notice, order your specific modifications from TargetBox today, and we will deliver the finished units to you within just a few weeks’ time. When disaster strikes, you are sure to be ready.

Reach out to our container teams, based in Ontario and British Columbia, and we will get back to you with a quote within 48 hours.