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Shipping Container Rental & Sales in British Columbia

Thanks to an extensive list of storage options for both personal and commercial purposes, TargetBox has ranked as one of Canada’s top container rental and sales companies since 2010. In our quest to provide service to as many Canadians as possible, we’ve expanded across British Columbia and Ontario, all the while providing five-star service and customer care. We live by the motto “Aim for simple storage”, and with the range of services we provide in British Columbia, our motto has become a reality. We cover all your local needs from big moves to special commercial events.

Moving Containers – Take the Pain Out of Your Next Move

Plain and simple, moving is a chore that just isn’t enjoyable. But it’s possible to make the process easier with one of our moving containers. We can accommodate moves of any scale and home size, and our containers are affordable, convenient, and safe. Before you sign a contract with a big moving company, think twice. Why pay those astronomical fees and plan your move around someone else’s schedule when you can do it all on your own terms? Our moving containers give you back the freedom to move when you want and save some money in the process.

Based on the size of your home, choose either a 10’ or 20’ container. Load up your belongings when you have time, and give us a call when you’re ready to move. We’ll take your container to your new home or business address, and you can unpack at your leisure. No stress, no headaches. Anywhere in the Fraser Valley, you can move on your own terms.

Residential Storage – Home Renovations Made Easy

Home renovations can be pricey and there’s always a complication that ruins your project timeline. But finding a place to store your furniture shouldn’t be one of your problems. Use our storage containers to free up some space in your home without having to travel back and forth between home and a storage unit. Our 20’ units can hold the contents of the standard two- or three-bedroom home. 40’ units can hold everything from the biggest homes, and we have 10’ options for smaller projects.

While you build your dream kitchen, rest assured that your belongings are safe from theft, bad weather, and rodents. Once your project is complete, unload everything back into your home and give us a ring to arrange your pickup.

Shipping Container Rental & Sales in BC - TargetBox Containers

We deliver to your door. And once your project is complete, give us a ring to arrange a pickup or to move to your new home.

Commercial Storage – Ease the Stress of Complex Construction Jobs

Construction projects have a lot of moving parts, but storage containers can ensure that you don’t have to worry about securing and protecting valuable supplies and materials. With storage containers, you can keep necessary items secure and access them as needed 24/7. Storage containers can also serve as portable storage solutions for retail storage space, business events, and emergency storage.

Buy Your Own Shipping Container

If you anticipate that you’ll need a storage container for the foreseeable future, you have the option to buy a shipping container instead of renting. You can choose from one trip containers, used containers, and construction-grade containers. And, you can customize them with windows, electrical systems, painting, and decals, among other options.

In British Columbia, we currently serve Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope and surrounding locations in Fraser Valley. Contact us today to discuss your storage needs and get your project started.