Shipping Container For Sale! Sea Can Grades Explained

Sea Can Grades Explained

All shipping containers for sale in Canada have grading systems that are important to understand before making your ultimate purchase.

There are two standard ways that the world measures the quality of a shipping container, and both ways have their faults. Why? Because grading a shipping container can be subjective. How much rust is too much? How big of a role can there be before a container is labeled “as-is”? Do squeaky doors factor into this at all?

TargetBox has simplified the grading process to three easy-to-understand categories for its refurbished shipping containers: One Trip, Good Shape and Construction. 

Depending on your unique needs in Ontario or British Columbia, one of these three will be perfect for you when you look into buying a shipping container.

One Trip (New) Shipping Container

New Shipping Container - TargetBox

If you need an exceptional container that meets any/all requirements, then our “One Trip” containers are it. As its name suggests, these have been used only once, often in trips  across the sea from Asia to North America. (Hence the name ‘sea can’.)

Since they have only been used once, they are practically perfect in looks and operations. They have nice floors, door operators that work perfectly, mostly untouched paint, no rust and only small dents (if any at all). 

If you’re using your container as a living/working space, you will want the “one-trip” option. 

These are also the best to use if you would like to modify your unit with additional doors, windows, insulation and custom paint.

Other names the industry uses for this category are “A Grade” or they are called “IICL (International Institute Of Container Lessors)” containers. When you contact TargetBox to inquire about sea cans for sale, any of these terms can be used.

Good Shape (Used) Sea Cans

Good Shape Used Shipping Containers - TargetBox

This is our most-popular grade of container for those who want a good-quality solution that can withstand pretty much anything thrown at it.

Containers in this category are very strong, with doors, locks and seals still in great condition. Yes, there will be dents, and there will likely be some rust, with floor stains or marks on the interior, but the unit is completely waterproof. 

Other names the industry uses for this category are “Cargo Worthy” and “Wind and Watertight” and they are also referred to as “B-Grade” containers.

Sea containers for sale that are in “good shape” are highly sought after by Canadian residents and businesses.

If you don’t mind some imperfections, then you should strongly consider a used shipping container, which TargetBox has in large supply for sale. 

Construction Grade Sea Cans

Construction Grade Shipping container - TargetBox

Every container grading system in the world has the “bottom-of-the-barrel” grade, and this is what we call ours. 

These containers are older, have significant dents and are rusting on the inside and out. That being said, they are still wind and water tight with operational, sealed doors.

A construction-grade container could be the absolutely perfect solution to your needs. This general purpose option is exceptional at storing machinery, construction materials, farm equipment or hay storage, car parts or tires, gardening supplies or just any items that need to remain dry.

There’s no guarantee with what exactly your construction-grade container will look like, so you’re encouraged to reach out to our team for viewing of our current stock – new-to-you options arrive regularly.

Other names the industry uses for this category are “As Is” or “C-Grade” containers.

Choose Your Shipping Container Grade

TargetBox has all three c can grades currently for sale, available in common shipping container sizes: 10 footers, 20 footers and 40 footers. Each can be modified to fit your current and future needs.

Please check out the rest of our website to learn more about the benefits of TargetBox, then use our quote form on our home page to place your mobile storage unit request. We will get back to you with shipping container prices in just a few hours.