Seven Shipping Container Uses for Municipalities in British Columbia

10 foot black painted shipping container exterior     10 foot container painted exterior

British Columbia’s cities and towns are discovering an innovative solution to their space challenges – modified shipping containers.

Here at TargetBox, we’re transforming industrial shipping containers into creative and innovative hubs that cater to the needs of British Columbia’s most progressive cities and towns.

Let’s take a closer look at seven ways that shipping containers can be customized for municipalities:

Use #1: Sports Storage for Recreational Thrills

Sports are at the heart of vibrant British Columbia communities, and modified TargetBox shipping containers can elevate the experience. With TargetBox, municipalities can create pop-up sports storage for local leagues and events. Whether it’s a temporary storage facility, changerooms or ticket booths, these adaptable spaces foster community engagement and active living.

Use #2: Lending Knowledge with Libraries

Libraries are packed with knowledge and imagination, but not always within reach of neighbourhoods that need it most. By repurposing shipping containers, municipalities can establish compact yet inviting libraries in areas with limited space.

TargetBox modifications ensure that these containers are equipped with insulation, doors, windows and other features, offering residents a cozy haven to access books.

Use #3: Storing Greenery: Lawn Equipment Storage

Maintaining picturesque green spaces requires proper storage for lawn equipment.

TargetBox provides municipalities with durable container solutions that safeguard gardening tools and machinery. These modified containers offer a secure and water-resistant space, ensuring that workers have access to the equipment they need when they need it.

Use #4: Community Event Storage Made Easy

Communities thrive on events, but storage headaches often follow. Enter modified shipping containers. These containers can serve as event storage units, housing everything from tables and chairs to decorations. TargetBox modifications create organized spaces that streamline event planning and execution.

Use #5: Delivering Art to Neighbourhoods

Culture knows no bounds, and neither should galleries or museums. TargetBox transforms shipping containers into portable cultural spaces. Municipalities can showcase local art, history, and heritage in a unique setting, taking exhibitions to various corners of British Columbia.

Use #6: Makerspace Hubs to Unleash Creativity

Fostering innovation and creativity is essential for community growth. Modified shipping containers offer a perfect canvas for Makerspace hubs.

With the right modifications, like insulation, doors, windows, electricity and interior finishes, these containers become collaborative workshops where residents of all ages can explore their creativity and bring ideas to life.

Use #7: Whatever the Future Brings

Municipalities face evolving needs, and modified shipping containers provide the flexibility to adapt to whatever the future has in store. TargetBox modifications ensure that our containers can be repurposed to meet changing demands.

Our team of skilled professionals collaborates closely with municipalities to understand their unique requirements. From insulation and ventilation to decals and full-fledged offices, we ensure that each container is customized to perfection.

Sustainable and Efficient Municipalities in B.C. Need TargetBox

British Columbia is known for its commitment to supporting our natural environment. Modified shipping containers align perfectly with this ethos. By repurposing these containers, municipalities contribute to reducing waste and energy consumption, while still creating culturally significant spaces.

Empowering British Columbia’s Municipalities with TargetBox

Modified shipping containers from TargetBox help British Columbia municipalities to rethink traditional spaces and embrace creative solutions.

As a leader in container modifications, TargetBox is ready to make your dream a reality, one container at a time. Reach out to our B.C.-based sales and modification team today at or call 604-991-4015!