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Security Features of a Portable Moving Container

Moving is a headache, regardless of how big or small the move is. Moving companies have lots of rules and strict schedules that leave you with little room to breathe. Luckily, moving containers can relieve a lot of your moving stress. When you rent a moving container for your move, it gives you the freedom to pack and relocate according to your own timeline.

Moving containers are cheaper than hiring movers, save you the time of having to vet a moving company, and double as storage before, during, and after the move 1 . Plus, TargetBox uses one-trip containers for moves, so you can rest assured you’re getting a moving container in the best possible condition. When you’re ready to move, we’ll pick up your unit and deliver it to your new home or business location. You can execute this move at your leisure.

The advantages of renting a moving container, versus hiring a moving company, are clear, but what about the safety of your items once they’re stored inside?

Heavy Duty Lock Box System – Keep Everything Safe from Potential Thieves

TargetBox’s moving containers come enhanced with a heavy duty lock box system, which has a heavy shield over the lock box to protect against heavy bolt cutters. There aren’t many moving containers on the market with this kind of built-in security system. With this security feature in place, your items won’t be vulnerable to thieves and vandals.

Protection from Pests & the Elements – Make Sure Nothing Gets Inside

Thieves aren’t the only hazards that need to be locked out of your moving container. It’s also important to block pests from infesting the container’s contents while also preventing damage from weather and humidity.

The moving containers are crafted from 8-gauge steel, with extra-strong members and corner posts. They can withstand heavy abuse and are wind, water, and fireproof. Additionally, the elevated floors help keep out water and rodents.

Ventilation – Store Everything Safely

Ventilation can prevent extreme temperature changes and instead maintain a stable environment with an average, steady temperature. TargetBox Moving Containers can be modified with additional vents to allow the storage unit to breathe and to ensure your household and personal belongings are kept dry and clean. While the moving container may be capable of taking a beating, the same can’t be said for your valuables held inside.

Moving containers provide a level of freedom that’s impossible with moving companies. But perhaps the greatest benefit is security. Moving containers keep your items safe, dry, rodent-free for long-term storage.