Rethink Your Storage in British Columbia

B.C.’s residents and businesses always have valuable things that need either temporary or permanent storage, and with the cost of pretty much everything going through the roof across Canada, smart shoppers are seeking innovative and cost-effective ways to keep their belongings safe. 

Along with this demand is an increasingly popular storage solution: shipping containers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more common storage options and how the all-steel and readily available shipping container option compares.

Rent a Traditional Storage Unit

While these self-serve storage options provide a secure off-site location to store your personal or business belongings, they come with excessive rental fees and limited access. Just driving to their location is often an arduous journey, and whether you need a little space or a lot of space, you’ll continually be confronted with inconvenience and ongoing costly headaches.

Build a Shed or Garage

Constructing a storage space on your property offers easy access and customization options. However, it requires significant upfront cash, time and permits from local authorities. 

You will also likely have to deal with a contractor who doesn’t see the importance of your project and will delay the completion of your storage building for months or—in some cases—years.

Take Advantage of Family and Friends’ Homes

If you have friends or family members who are feeling sympathetic to your plight, you can beg them to store your stuff in their homes. Although this is cost-effective, it’s not convenient (especially for your friends/families) and can lead to uncomfortable family gatherings if your stuff is wearing out its welcome.

Use Cheap Outdoor Storage Solutions

There are a few popular outdoor storage options available, from plastic sheds to tarp-covered structures. While these are often only small one-time costs, they likely will not withstand British Columbia’s rainy and snowy conditions or provide security against theft or pests. Do you really trust a flimsy tarp to protect your summer convertible?

Perhaps a one-time investment is needed to create a solid, secure and convenient storage solution on your property.

10 foot container painted exterior

Buy a TargetBox Shipping Container

If you want to store your stuff in British Columbia, there’s no better way than by using a shipping container. Here’s why:

  • Durability: Targetbox shipping containers can withstand the rigours of crossing the Pacific Ocean, making them waterproof, pest-proof, and theft-resistant. 
  • Mobility: Whether you need storage at your home or business, or want to relocate your belongings offsite, shipping containers can be easily transported. This is especially handy if you change your mind about its location. 
  • Customizability: TargetBox shipping containers can be customized to include whatever you need, from doors and windows to lighting and insulation. Yep, they can be fully functional living spaces in even the remotest parts of British Columbia.
  • Eco-Friendly: Let’s not let these massive boxes of steel go to waste. Reduce the demand for new materials and minimize waste to contribute to environmental sustainability. You can even go off-grid to really take living ‘green’ up a notch.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While there’s an upfront cost in outright buying a shipping container, it pays off in the long run through the elimination of rental fees and potential construction costs associated with other storage solutions.

Choose the Storage Option That Provides Everything You Need

Sure, there are many ways you can store things, but there’s only one that gives you speed, security, convenience, cost-effectiveness and all of the other benefits you need when choosing storage. 

Reach out to TargetBox right here in B.C. to learn more about how your new shipping container storage solution can give you everything you need and more.