Rent A Storage Pod During Your Fall Clean

Rent a storage pod to keep items safe & secure during your fall clean

Like spring cleaning, fall cleaning offers an opportunity to welcome in the change of season with a rejuvenated home. After a season of summer travel, during which dirt, dust, and grime have gathered all over your house, fall cleaning is a chance to catch up and start anew.

Some common fall cleaning tasks include smaller jobs like washing windows, wiping down kitchen cupboards, straightening closets, and cleaning behind large appliances like refrigerators. But fall cleaning could also include bigger tasks like repainting rooms, cleaning carpets, and upgrading fixtures. For many of these larger tasks, you have to clear out furniture and belongings, and you need a durable, secure place to store your items. A storage pod is the perfect temporary storage solution.

Storage pods provide extra storage space

If you’ve ever tried to clean your carpets without removing all of your furniture, you know how difficult it can be. A storage pod gives you the extra space you need to house all of your household items and remove the bulky furniture that’s getting in your way. Deep cleaning becomes so much easier. Even better, your storage pod is stored right on your property. So, when you’re ready to start moving pieces back inside, all you have to do is head to your driveway.

Storage pods can help you declutter and get organized

With a storage pod, you can unload items from your house and take stock of what you have. What goes back inside? What goes into the trash? With everything still inside your home, it can be difficult to assess what stays and what doesn’t, as you’re accustomed to seeing these items in their designated spots. But moving them out to the storage pod can show you just how much you’ve accumulated. It gives you a neutral space to make some important decisions about what you’ll hold onto.

Store items in a storage pod while redecorating or remodelling

In some cases, fall cleaning means more than scrubbing and polishing. It could mean a big remodel or some serious redecorating. It’s crucial to move items out while these more complex projects are underway. Storage pods are available in a variety of sizes to hold all of your items, and they keep everything safe and secure on your property. You’ll have to worry about the various moving parts of a remodel, but easy temporary storage won’t be one of them.

Storage pods give you more time

You can rent a storage pod for as long as you need it. There’s no rush to finish your cleaning project. If it takes you a few weeks to get your living room back in peak condition, it’s not a problem. Your storage pod rental terms are designed for your needs, and they can be adjusted if unexpected issues pop up along the way.

Fall cleaning can be an arduous task, but with a storage pod, you can assess what you have, safely store your household items, and take as much time as you need to get the job done. To explore the best storage pod for your cleaning project, contact TargetBox today.