Reinventing Public Storage With Shipping Containers

Reinventing Public Storage With Shipping Containers
TargetBox’s local self-storage locations have opened its doors

Southwestern Ontario’s favourite shipping container rental and sales business is announcing that it has opened its first shipping container storage yards in London, Cambridge and Strathroy.

TargetBox has long held a reputation for quality storage containers at great prices, and now its focus on value is being extended to self-storage. Traditionally, self-storage facilities had a monopoly on public storage options, but storage containers are proving once again to be a great multifunctional option for residents and business owners.

Why choose a storage container over traditional public storage options?

Shipping Container Storage is Secure

Able to withstand ocean journeys and even hurricanes, sea containers are built of heavy gauge Corten steel. Doors are sealed and each container has world-class locking to deter thefts.

Shipping Containers Have More Space

TargetBox’s secure self-storage yards have many sizing options available. Each container is eight feet wide, and can be 10-, 20- or even 40-feet long! If you’re seeking an option with more headspace, we even offer high cube containers.

Flexible storage

You may need to have your shipping container at your property, then move it offsite to our public storage yard when it’s filled. We can do that. And when you’re ready to have it back to your home or business, we can move it back for you. This helps to save moving and handling costs of your belongings.

We can also modify your TargetBox rental storage unit to suit your preferences. We offer a roll-up door or man door for easier access – whatever suits you best.

Lower prices. Traditional self-storage units can be expensive. The smallest units are 5’x5’ and can cost almost $100 per month. This very small unit is barely big enough to contain a few pieces of furniture. TargetBox sizes start at 8’x10’ – almost twice as much space – with prices as low as $85/month.

Public, Accessible, Affordable Storage is Now Here

TargetBox is eager to show you the difference of our innovative storage solutions. Secure your secure shipping container storage unit today in London, Cambridge or Strathroy. Complete our online form or reach out to us at 519-266-4015.