Storage Showdown: Prefab Steel Sheds vs. Shipping Containers

TargetBox - Article - Prefab Steel Sheds vs Shipping Containers
If you’re a homeowner or have a business property that requires outdoor storage, you likely know that steel sheds are the bane of your existence. They’re difficult to construct, never have enough space to store your stuff and often stop looking new after only a year or two.

Although shipping containers are also made of steel, pretty much everything else is different. These much-stronger structures are often made in Asia, where they are filled with product, shipped to North America and then left here when their owners no longer have use for them.

Shipping containers and steel sheds are both used for storage, but one is quite different from the other. Let’s take a closer look.

Comparing Steel Sheds and Shipping Containers

Feature Shipping Container Steel Shed
Material Made of 14-gauge corten steel, shipping containers are built for rough Pacific Ocean conditions. These are often made of lightweight metal that are inexpensive for manufacturers..
Size TargetBox has availability in 10-foot shipping containers, 20-foot shipping containers, 40-foot shipping containers and also options with an extra foot of height. Many finished sheds measure approximately 10 feet x 10 feet. Larger sizes are also available, but more complex to transport.
Weight limit A 40-foot shipping container can hold 8,776 lbs (the weight of a monster truck), while a 10-foot shipping container can hold 2,870 lbs (two adult cows). Since most steel sheds do not come with floors, there is no weight limit, unless you pour your own concrete floor.
Chance of Infestation None, for a shipping container purchased from TargetBox. Each unit is watertight. Since panels are screwed together, it is impossible for steel sheds to be hole free.
Installation The delivery driver will work with you to ensure your shipping container is dropped exactly where it’s needed. This usually takes approximately 10 minutes. You may need to call up some friends or do it on your own. Depending on the shed’s size and complexity, it could take most of a day, not including flooring.
Security Few intruders bother breaking through the practically impenetrable walls of a shipping container. If theft does occur, it is often due to the door’s lock. It’s fairly easy to cut through this lightweight steel or pry open the front doors.
Weather Resistance Shipping containers are built to withstand typhoons, hurricanes and yes, even Canadian winters. A standard shipping container can last over 20 years. Sheds can withstand occasional storms, but can not be trusted to hold up to larger storms, especially when something of great value needs protection over many years.
Availability Depending on the delivery location, your shipping container can be at your doorstep within 48 hours. If your local hardware store has the steel shed that you want, you can pick it up in minutes.
Function Perfect for short- and long-term storage. Shipping containers can also be modified into offices, restaurants and even houses. Converting your steel shed into a house would never be recommended, but does a good job of storing lawn and garden equipment.
Price A construction-grade 20-foot container costs approximately $2,100. A 10×10 steel shed can cost $7000.


Which is Best: Prefabricated Shed or Shipping Container?

Looking at not only the immediate benefits, but the long-term value of each option, your property’s storage should rely on the far superior shipping container. The extra space, quality, durability and multifunctionality make shipping containers a wise option for property owners across Canada.

Shipping Containers For Sale in Ontario and British Columbia

If you would like something built with the quality and durability you need today and 20 years from now, then TargetBox’s shipping containers could be the solution you need. Feel free to click over to our contact page and fill out a quote request form. We will get back to you shortly, and your new-to-you shipping container could be in your driveway within 48 hours.