One Colourful Way to Add Value to Your New Shipping Container

10 foot black painted shipping container exterior

If you want to add even more value to your new shipping container and make it easier to stand out or blend into its surroundings, trust TargetBox for a resilient coat of custom paint.

Here at TargetBox in beautiful Lower Mainland British Columbia, we’ve uncovered the secret to adding “wow” to your shipping container and are now offering this service for a very affordable additional charge. 

As you can imagine, sea containers that have crossed the ocean a few times likely look a little worn-out and weathered, with discolouration, some rust and dents from their exciting journeys. But don’t be fooled by appearances; Targetbox shipping containers only have superficial imperfections and are still 100% structurally sound, waterproof and ready for you.

Paint It Black…or Red or Orange or Any Other Colour

We are British Columbia’s container modication specialists, restoring shipping containers for a variety of uses for your home, business or recreation escape. 

One of the most popular transformations requested by our customers is – you guessed it – a fresh coat of custom paint.

But why? How does a simple coat of paint make such a big difference? There are three reasons why…

  1. Colour Gives a Bold New Look

A freshly painted shipping container instantly catches the eye, whether the container is sitting on a construction site, being used as storage next to a retail store, or acting as a secondary workshop on your home’s property. A uniform coat of colour helps to hide some of the imperfections while making your new addition look a little more professional for your customers or visitors. 

  1. Paint is the Ultimate Protector

Shipping containers bear the brunt of the harshest of conditions, from pounding waves to scorching temperatures. Without proper maintenance and paint, they can quickly lose structural integrity due to rust, shortening their lifespan. 

TargetBox’s high-quality paint job creates a protective layer around your container, not only making it look brand new but also safeguarding your investment for years to come. No matter your colour choice, we can guarantee a protective coat that will last!

  1. Paint Gives British Columbia’s Shipping Containers a World of Potential

A coat of paint is even more than style and protection – it transforms a utilitarian space into a world of possibilities. Your cube can now become anything you imagine – a mobile storefront, farmers’ market booth, workshop or fully equipped office space. With TargetBox at the helm of your modification, the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. 

Where Does TargetBox Serve?

British Columbia is a big province, but TargetBox is here to deliver in as many places as possible. Here are just a few – reach out to us to learn more about our delivery areas.


Show Your True Colours

Start your shipping container acquisition journey with TargetBox’s first stroke of paint, turning your blank canvas into an expression of creativity. When complete, we’ll deliver to anywhere in the Lower Mainland and let you take on the world. 

Make the first step a free, no-obligation quote. Complete the quote request form on our contact page right now!