Moving Yourself or Hiring a Moving Company?

Moving Yourself vs Hiring a Moving Company vs Renting a Moving Container

Deciding whether to move yourself or hire a moving company is one of the most important decisions you make before moving day. The answer often comes down to cost, although several other factors play a role in determining whether moving yourself or hiring a mover is the best option.

However, one other option exists and it’s called renting a moving container.

When Moving Yourself Makes Sense

Moving yourself involves packing, loading, and moving every item you own yourself. Yes, a few friends might show up, but the onus is on you to execute as smooth of a move as possible. On the plus side, moving by yourself allows you to control every facet of the move. You can pack the truck as you see fit, as well as decide when to take a break for a few slices of pizza. Performing a move on your own also costs less than the price tag presented by a licensed team of moving professionals. Moreover, by hiring a moving company, you have to follow the timeline established by the movers.

When Hiring a Moving Company Makes Sense

When you hire a mover, you work with an experienced team of movers that handle every aspect of the move. Movers typically pack, load, and move customer possessions for trips across town and cross country. Hiring a moving company will set you back financially, but it also reduces the stress of moving yourself. You also have quick access to packing and moving supplies, which many moving companies bundle as a discount into the final moving bill. Any mover worth its final bill will insure every item you own.

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The Benefits of Using a Moving Container

You see moving containers everywhere you go, and for several good reasons. Renting a container offers simple portable storage, as well as easy loading that requires less effort than moving yourself by utilizing a rental truck. Renting a moving container cost much less than if you opt to hire a moving company. You perform the move on your timeline, which includes sending a moving container to your new address days in advance of your arrival. Most companies that rent containers provide several size choices to ensure you get the most bang for your dollar.

Another benefit of using a container is that only you have the key to unlock the mobile storage unit. The materials used to construct moving containers are very difficult to compromise, making the portable storage vessels even more secure than rental trucks. As opposed to handling a large load over the open road, a moving container gives you a safe and efficient way to transport your things hundreds, if not thousands of miles. Finally, most companies that rent containers offer local, national and international deliveries.

It used to be a two-choice question: Will you be moving yourself or hire a moving company? Now, there is a third option and perhaps the best option of all. Renting a moving container might be the best choice for you to relocate your family.

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