Modified Shipping container

Modifying a Shipping Container in 8 Easy Steps

TargetBox is your local expert in shipping container modifications, and can help to make your dream space a reality.

Now is your chance to create a functional oasis at your home or business – at an affordable price. When you choose the professionals here at TargetBox, you will not only receive a quality product, but also a partner in your project, every step of the way.

TargetBox can make your dream come, help secure approvals, design, build and everything in between.

Here are the eight steps of the TargetBox process:

1. Consider the Rules and Regulations

Although you and I love shipping containers in every location imaginable, some municipalities frown on their placement in residential neighbourhoods. So, a good first question to ask is if your municipality allows shipping containers to be permanently placed on your property. This will depend on many factors, so be sure to ask your local by-law department.

Although being neighbourly isn’t exactly a rule, TargetBox encourages you to speak with your neighbour, whether it’s a home or business, and be open about what you have planned. Some people don’t mind beautiful shipping containers gracing their sightlines, but others do have serious anti-container issues.

2. Dream Big!

Although you will be starting with a rectangular container as your canvas, you can still think outside of the ‘box’. Remember that a shipping container can be transformed into practically anything you can dream of: backyard office, cold storage, granny suite, workshop.

When you have an idea of your dream project in mind, contact your friends here at TargetBox, and we can help to walk you through the rest of the process.

3. It’s Time to Estimate

We’ll work with you to finesse a basic outline of your project’s goals, and provide an estimate that stays within your budget.
Shipping container modified roll-up door

4. Choose the Container

Upon approval of the quote, TargetBox will walk you through our large supply of containers you can choose from in our local yard. Not all containers look the same, so we encourage you to pick the one you love. (Keep in mind that it will look very different when the conversion is over!)

5. Design It

We immediately get to work transforming a list of features into a design that illustrates how your completed container will look once built. Our design team provides you a floor plan as well as elevation angles.

6. From Dream to Reality

TargetBox’s customization crews will now get to work on every aspect of the build.

In the case of an office conversion, we start by removing the elements no longer needed, such as steel sections where doors and windows will be installed. Our paint crews will give the container a fresh coat of your choice of paint colour, while the inside is framed. Electrical, plumbing and even mechanical are installed, followed by spray foam insulation and drywall. Interior paint is applied, and your flooring and cabinets are installed.

TargetBox will ensure your modified container is structurally sound and meets architectural standards.

Storage Containers Modified

7. Prepare Its Future Home and Delivery

Depending on many environmental factors, such as climate and soil conditions, you will need to ensure you have a strong foundation for your container to rest on. Foundations are built of either poured concrete, concrete blocks or packed gravel.

If you need to have utilities running to your new building, you will likely want to have them professionally installed prior to delivery.

We will work with you to mitigate potential delivery issues, like low-hanging electricity or telephone lines.

8. Post-Delivery

Allow professionals to safely connect your new space to your property’s utilities, and do the finishing touches: plant some bushes and flowers. Have fun!

That is all it takes to make your dream into a reality. If you’re looking for a good place to start, be inspired by our online galleries, then reach out to the TargetBox experts to tell us about your modification plans. We can’t wait to hear from you!