Low Prices on Shipping Containers – ONLY for Canadians

With the Canadian economy taking a hit and inflation at all-time highs, TargetBox is starting 2023 with lower prices on its favourite shipping containers.

Whether you are thinking of your residential property for a little extra space or your business to stock it with seasonal goods, choose an all-steel shipping container to fulfil your storage needs.

Popular Shipping Container Sizes and Styles

TargetBox sells thousands of containers every year, and in doing so we get to know which styles are popular with people with your needs. Here are three that could be right up your alley.

10’x8’ New Shipping Container with Roll-up Door

This small and secure container is built of 14-gauge steel and has only been used once (from Asia to North America) with only minor scratches and dents. It’s the perfect size to store a riding lawnmower, house a remote workspace or

Although this container comes with a new roll-up door, you can request a wide range of other custom modifications that can transform your 10-foot shipping container into the exact space you need. (Check out the decal and paint job on the one in the photo!)

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20’x8’ Used Shipping Container With Standard Doors

This is a gently used container that is a great option for those who seek more space on their rural home property or business.

This steel container has many years left in it, and can be converted into your dream workshop, mobile office or whatever else you can dream can be used in 32.8 cu. m. (1,158 cu. ft.)

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40’x8’ Construction-Grade Shipping Container

If you own a farm or construction business (or any other enterprise where building looks don’t matter as much), trust TargetBox’s construction-grade container. They have dings, dents and rust, but they still have watertight doors and suit many of the needs you have – storing equipment, keeping animal feed dry or anything else you can think of.

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Discover the Latest Discounts on Shipping Containers Today

TargetBox often has these containers in stock (along with many others) that can be shipped to you within 48 hours. Reach out to our product specialists today to learn more about today’s inventory.

Of course, we have limited-time deals exclusive to our Canadian customers. Call 519-266-4015 (Ontario), 604-991-4015 (British Columbia) or complete your online no-obligation quote today!