Keeping Your Shipping Container Cozy With Insulation

Keeping Your Shipping Container Cozy With Insulation

TargetBox’s customization expertise has seen simple shipping containers undergo huge transformations not just into practical portable storage units, but so much more. They have been converted into tiny homes, spacious offices, trendy retail stores and even restaurants!

One of TargetBox’s most popular customization features is the addition of insulation, allowing for an effective barrier from outdoor temperatures.

Why Would You Need an Insulated Shipping Container?

Think about it. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on a small addition to your home, or you can spend significantly less than that on a cozy space on your property that checks off all of the boxes you’re in need of: convenience, surprising comfort, low price and build speed.

A basic upgrade would be to order a unit with insulation, but add to that a whole series of other improvements – lighting, heating/cooling, doors, windows and ventilation – and the possibilities for your TargetBox unit is endless!

Store Your Sensitive Equipment

Whether you’re storing high-tech equipment for your business or you’re temporarily moving computers into storage, make sure that the huge fluctuations in outdoor temperatures – from -30°C in the winter to over 30°C in the summer – don’t affect them with insulation and a heating/cooling source.

Set Up a Long-Term Office

One of the hottest trends in the shipping container sales world is conversions into office spaces. For these retrofitted spaces to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer, TargetBox outfits them with wall and ceiling spray foam insulation. With lighting, electricity, windows, ‘regular’ doors, as well as heating and air conditioning, nothing beats the value of an insulated office unit.

Add Change Rooms for a Sports Field

A rectangular space is sometimes all you need to quickly change into sports clothes. But insulating a space like this can help to keep the hot summer air out, and make things more comfortable. By adding in a few vents along the roof, a shipping container can be easily transformed into clean, portable change rooms for any venue.

Place a Maintenance-Free Cottage

We all know that the worst part of cottage ownership is maintenance, so ditch it all and choose a sturdy and long-lasting insulated getaway. An easy-to-open home away from home can allow you to rest in comfort and spend more time on the lake, on the beach or on the trails.
Shipping Container Insulation

Use Your Imagination for Insulation.

Don’t fuss over the details of how you’re going to insulate your unit or prep it for your use. Let TargetBox provide your complete customized storage unit, including doors, windows, vents and yes, absolutely the insulation.

Our spray foam completely coats every area of the interior to ensure a complete coating, while also ensuring your satisfaction with all other upgrades. Talk with us about your dream unit and you’ll quickly discover that not only can we do it, we’ve likely already done it before.

Please check out the rest of our website to learn more about customization possibilities, then use our quote form on our home page to place your insulated mobile storage unit request. We will reach out to you within 48 hours, and ensure your new cozy and insulated space is ready in no time.