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Is it Best to Rent or Buy a Shipping Container? Consider Your Options in Ontario and British Columbia

Whether you’re in need of more storage space or more workspace, you’ve realized that a shipping container is a smart solution. TargetBox sea containers (also called sea cans, c cans, ISO containers or freight containers) are inexpensive, mobile, customizable and functional. Now you just need to figure out if renting a storage unit makes more sense than buying a shipping container.

The shipping container professionals at TargetBox have compiled the following six questions to ask yourself before deciding whether to rent or buy your shipping container.

How long will I need my c can?

If you only need a storage container for a few days or even a couple of months, it might make more sense to rent. For shorter periods of time, monthly rental costs are almost always less than the upfront cost of owning – as low as $85 per month – and you won’t need to worry about disposal or sale of your unit when you’re done.

If you’re a Ontario or British Columbia homeowner or business owner looking for a secure and convenient long-term storage solution, it may make more sense to purchase a container.

What am I storing in my shipping container?

If you need somewhere to store personal belongings while you move or during a home renovation project, renting your shipping container may be best. (Assuming that your move/reno doesn’t take years to complete!)

If you’re a business owner who needs permanent space to store inventory or a construction firm with equipment needed to be stored on jobsites, it may be best to invest in purchasing your shipping container.

What size shipping container do I need?

If you’re unsure about the size of the steel shipping container you need, we suggest starting with a rented container. This way you can try your storage container on for size and see if it suits your needs – before you make the commitment to buy. You can also visit any of our Ontario or British Columbia depots to gauge the shipping container sizes and interior spaces in person.

I Need a Storage Unit, Should I Rent or Buy - TargetBox Ontario

Do I want or need a customized shipping container?

If you are interested in a custom modification, we recommend buying a storage container and having it built-out to meet your specifications. TargetBox can add windows, shelving, roll-up doors and electrical units, and decorate with a custom paint job – inside and out. (TargetBox does not offer custom modifications for rental storage units.)

Will my sea can need to be moved?

Are you keeping your storage container in your Ontario or British Columbia backyard or on your construction site? If you’re using your container for a short time in one location, TargetBox recommends that you rent.

Will it be used to transport belongings across the continent? If your storage container is going to travel a long distance, you may have difficulty getting the container back to its point of origin. Purchasing your shipping container may be the more practical choice – ask TargetBox about our sea cans currently for sale as well as container prices.

What is the cost comparison between renting a shipping container vs. buying a shipping container in Canada?

For short-term use, renting a storage unit is almost always the less expensive choice. But if you are looking for a long-term storage solution or want a customized shipping container, buying your unit can be the smarter economic investment.

Keep in mind when renting a TargetBox the price of the storage container increases when the size of the unit increases. However, when purchasing a shipping container, the 40′ containers are the most cost-effective option. 

Still not sure whether it makes more sense to rent or buy your sea can?

TargetBox storage container experts would be happy to help you determine exact shipping container prices depending on our current inventory, location and needs.

Contact our Ontario and British Columbia c-can experts to meet your every storage need.