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Five Ways that Shipping Containers Can Save Your Business Money

If your Ontario business is looking for limitless flexibility for your office, storage or inventory needs at a reasonable cost, there is no better option than renting or owning a shipping container. (Also called a sea can, ISO container, intermodal container and freight container.)

Here are five ways shipping containers can save your Ontario business money!

1. Storage Containers are Less Expensive Than Mini Storage

When you rent a shipping container for storage you can save up to 50% per square foot in
comparison to the same-sized mini-storage unit.

2. Shipping Containers Deliver

TargetBox delivers the container to your site, whether it is a new 10-foot shipping container or a used 40-foot construction-grade container, so you don’t have to pay high mileage fees or rental for a moving truck and crew.

3. Shipping Containers are Great for Short-Term Rentals

Unlike most self-storage facilities that ask you to commit to a long-term contract, TargetBox storage containers are available for rent on a month-to-month basis. And, you can return your container or swap it out for a different size at any time.

4. Shipping Containers are Faster than Building Extra Space

If you need a permanent storage solution, buying a shipping container for your business is almost always quicker than building a warehouse or renovating a garage. This saves your business in many other ways: your time, other storage fees, and the progression of your business plan can proceed on schedule.

5. Shipping Containers are Cheaper than Building Additional Space

Modified shipping containers can be completed and delivered using only a fraction of the cost of building a new building or creating an addition. When you need more space, just add another container. Also, when you buy your shipping container it becomes a valuable asset, not an unnecessary liability.

How Shipping Containers Can Save Your Business Money - TargetBox Ontario

Shipping Containers Have Many Other Benefits for Businesses

Those are just a few of the dollars-and-cents reasons why more Ontario business owners are choosing TargetBox shipping containers over a more traditional office or storage space. But there are other benefits that can help your bottom line.

Flexible office space that grows with your business

If you’ve outgrown your current office space, a modified portable storage unit can save you the time and hassle of finding a new office to rent as well as the cost of moving. If you need to downsize, it’s as simple as asking us to come and pick up your storage unit.

Additional on-site storage

Portable storage units can be located on your property, saving you the time and inconvenience of travelling to a commercial self-storage facility to access your belongings.

A safe, dry place to store your valuables

Steel shipping containers are wind and water tight, and rodent-proof. They offer a cost-effective place to store your valuables safely and securely – whether you rent or buy.

Easy to relocate

Choosing the right location is probably one of the most important decisions any business owner needs to make. But no worries if you get it wrong; A shipping container can be picked up and relocated to a site that suits you better.

Interested in learning more about how a portable shipping container can help save your business money? Contact us to discuss your storage needs or to request a quote.