How to Secure Your Business Using All-Steel Shipping Containers

Whether you have bulk inventory or office equipment, protecting your valuable business is essential to keeping your economic engine churning.

TargetBox is the essential security solution that combines practical storage with simplicity: shipping containers. Although most often known as rectangular boxes that cross the Pacific Ocean, TargetBox repurposes them into secure, affordable and mobile storage for business owners throughout Ontario and British Columbia.

Why Use Shipping Containers for Business Security?

That’s a great question. Why would someone choose to use a shipping container instead of a standard security room? There are four key reasons:

1. Fort Knox-Level Security

These containers are built to withstand everything the Pacific Ocean can throw at them. TargetBox steel boxes are designed to keep out the elements and can certainly reduce security issues wherever they are located.

2. All-Steel Versatility

Whether you need temporary storage or something permanent that’s set on a foundation, shipping containers can be customized to meet your security needs. From added insulation to advanced locking mechanisms, the sky’s the limit.

3. Affordable

Shipping containers are the ultimate budget-friendly and secure rooms. 20-foot shipping containers can cost as little as a couple of thousand dollars and last for many years. Reach out for an quote.

4. Speed

TargetBox can deliver your secure business solution to your address, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial, in just a few days. No need to wait for the construction permits and time-consuming contractors.

TargetBox’s Three Tips for Using Shipping Containers to Secure Your Business

1. Location, Location, Location

Place your container in a well-lit area with good visibility. This will not only deter would-be thieves but also give you easy access for your employees.

2. Add Extra Security Features

Consider adding heavy-duty padlocks, security cameras and motion sensor lights to keep an eye on things.

3. Climate Control With Heating and Cooling

If you’re storing sensitive items, ask TargetBox to add insulation or a heating/cooling system. This will keep your goods safe from humidity and other natural forces.

10ft Painted Shipping Container With Barn Doors

Security is the #1 Concern of Business Owners. Trust TargetBox Shipping Containers to Alleviate Your Concern Today!

Remember that shipping containers aren’t just for shipping anymore. They’re a secure way for businesses to keep their ‘stuff’ safe.

Whether you’re looking to store, protect or even expand, TargetBox’s shipping containers have got you covered. Ready to ‘up’ your security? Check out TargetBox and see how easy securing your business can be.